The Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi as Dubai watches

In the world of cars and car enthusiasts, the F work is definitely Ferrari, and to those fans who are not satisfied with the Ferrari branded caps, Hats, Sunglasses, Laptops, binoculars; there is a new offering, the World’s First Ferrari Branded Theme Park. Yes, this part of the world, everything is world first, biggest and tallest :) Set to open later this year this theme park is one of the places to visit for sure, and since its in its finishing stages its a good time to start looking into what to expect when we get there. The Ferrari Theme Park will be located on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi. Once opened, the attraction will provide family amusement featuring multi-format high tech theaters, a variety of sophisticated driving schools (for both children and adults), Ferrari automotive displays and participatory learning centers as well as food and entertainment.

Among the 24 attractions, the Park will offer a mix of high-octane and family rides with roller coasters jetting into the sky and dipping through the covered areas. At the heart of the park will be an advanced and sophisticated circuit offering driving courses, which was already featured in the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix that happened last year. According to the designers, not only will Ferrari World be the largest indoor theme park on Earth, but it will also house the fastest roller coaster. Speeds of ‘over 200km/h’ are promised, although it will have to breach the 217km/h set by the roller coaster at the Nurburgring before it can claim the top spot.


The focal point in the centre of the design is a 60-metre high ‘G-Force Tower’, which will poke out through a glass funnel sunk into the unusual looking structure. A range of state-of-the-art racing simulators use a similar system to the Ferrari racing team, a flume ride takes you on a water-filled journey through a 599 engine and punters can opt for an aerial voyage over Italy following a Ferrari.

When Ferrari World opens its doors in Abu Dhabi later this year, fans of the prancing horse will be treated to a monster roller coaster with a difference. Riding in a Ferrari (of course), the ride will take thrill-seekers on a two kilometer journey at up to 95 kmh and because there are two cars running side-by-side, the roller coaster becomes a racetrack with a different “winner” each time. OK, so unfortunately there’s no accelerator on-board, so despite the fact that the cars will be programmed to overtake each other it’s not really a race… but it still sounds like a lot of fun. The Ferrari GT Rollercoaster is one of two planned for the massive theme park. The second is billed as the world’s fastest rollercoaster and will hurtle along at “speeds exceeding 200 kmh,” giving joy riders a taste of what it’s like to be in a Ferrari F1 car.

Just like the proverb goes, “life does go on”, Abu Dhabi is moving on, slowly and surely might make it past Dubai while its growth and progress has been forced to apply the brakes due to the recession. Looks like the acceleration of Abu Dhabi will be showcased in super speed with this awesome theme park when it opens.

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