The future of Automobile is Autonomous

Faultless driving stunts are not normally associated with computers and autonomous vehicles, well these videos that were just forwarded to me completely changed my mind about these autonomous car concepts. Like the car in iRobot where Will Smith drives his Audi or rather the Audi drives Will Smith, the dream of engineers is to come up with autonomous cars that can safely drive their residents around. Imagine using the GPS to not get lost, clean energy technology like compressed air technologies for perpetual fuel (or … sort of) with no accidents and the best possible route for efficiency and saving on time.

In my recent post about cars being smarter that you, I highlighted how computers in cars are getting really sophisticated and also improving in their decision making skills. Computers will eventually out-drive, out-think and out-perform humans on every level and this clip of autonomous supervehicle Stanley shows that out-driving us all will be sooner rather than later.


Unlike human beings, autonomous vehicles can be expected to regularly improve their performance by double every time, at least in accordance with and maybe even outpacing Moore’s Law. Until a few years back no one were interested in the grand challenge for Autonomous vehicles although it was conducted by DARPA. But then the Stanford University Racing team and Volkswagen came up with their crazy Autonomous ‘Stanley’ which not only won the second DARPA grand challenge (2005) but is showing amazing upgrades and improvement in the next generation ‘Stanley’ s.

This being the start the scene from iRobot where the car tells Will Smith that he is crazy to be driving manually might well happen more faster than you think, so much for annoying passengers and GPS to tell you, the car might just do it itself now.

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