Nokia helping to find lost keys

Everyone has mobile phones these days, and those days are nearly gone when you would hear “I left my Mobile at home”, I think its been a while since I have heard that excuse. Well this just means that we dont really go anywhere without out mobiles, and what do we do if we cannot find it when we are about to leave the home, well we call it and there it is. However, I am sure that at times when we are looking for keys and cannot find it, someone in the room says, Give it a call and everyone laughs. Well what if that could be really possible ?


Nokia is working on Nokia Locate Sensors, that will help you do just that. Doo… doo… Hello, car keys, where are you? I’m under your bed, said car keys. Cool huh, well Nokia Locate Sensors might help with it. Nokia is showing of its Nokia Locate Sensor ,a prototype, a little gadget that keep track of you wallet, car keys and gadgets within a range of 100m by using a special application installed on your mobile phone. You will need to attach the Locate Sensor to the items and start the app on your phone. The application on the phone will automatically notify you and guided you to the lost object if it is within 100 m.

The sensor is small, useful and unfortunately, it’s still a prototype (or a proof of concept if you like). And this is how it works – you just need to attach the little tag to the item you don’t want to lose and then start the app on your phone (preferably a smartphone so you can do other stuff with it in the meantime).

If you happen to drop the item with the attached Locate Sensor to it, the application automatically notifies you and guided you to the lost object if it is within 100 m. It doesn’t use GPS to locate the misplaced items. The actual technology Nokia use is still not mentioned but I guess Bluetooth Class 1 or Wi-Fi or even RFID’s. You can keep an eye on more than one item as the application supports up to 100 different tags. The Nokia Locate Sensor can operate flawlessly up to 18 months before you need to recharge it.

I hope this is not heavily priced or take too much time to get released. It is innovation like this that makes companies bounce back. Considering that it was premiered at the 2009 CES, I would however say that this might not come out very soon. However I hope it does.

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