Indian Innovation for Charging Phones

We Indians are usually not knows for Innovation, but the culture is changing. Or should I say the mindset of people going from I need a good job to I need to start something of my own is coming in. And the basis of this seems to be innovation. People are beginning to think on why there is the need to develop stuff for other companies when you can make it as your own. In a case where this concept is getting more obvious, I would like to showcase some scenarios where Indian Innovators have come up with solutions for the country made by people in the country, which of course is a recipe for success.

In our journey we will start with Mobile Chargers, one of the biggest woes these days when it comes to mobile phones is the fact the batteries do not last. And Batteries not lasting is a even more of an issue in developing countries as there might be no electricity to charge them back on. Well lo and behold, these innovations will help.


Wind Powered Helmet Mounted Charger

Killing two stones with one bird, two students from Nirma University, Ahmedabad have designed a helmet that doubles as a cell phone charger, which might encourage people to take back to wearing helmets. Two wheelers are a lot in India and innovations like this not only help charge phones but also save lives. Interestingly, this innovation, powered by solar and wind energy, charges up a mobile in 40 minutes. The usual plug-and-charge method takes more than an hour. The two bright minds are planning to file a patent for the helmet.

Pragnesh and Aalok are final-year students of electrical engineering. They put together the helmet-cum-charger in just three days. “We designed it when our college was hosting a ‘green fest’,” Pragnesh said. “The innovation consumes less time and energy to charge a cellphone.” He said that during daytime, the helmet would use solar energy to charge a cellphone attached to it, while in the night, it would use wind energy. “It will cost Rs 1,000, a small price to pay for safety as well as convenience,” the youth said.

The two Nirma students have fixed three switches on the helmet. One each on the sides and one at the back. The right switch is attached to solar cells. When turned on, it will charge a cellphone. When turned off, it will store the energy. At night, one can turn on the left switch to use the stored energy to charge his/her mobile. A small fan has been fixed at the front. It will generate wind energy when one is on the move. “We have installed two type of pins to charge mobiles of different companies,” Aalok said. “We hope to file a patent for our product soon.”

Hand Powered Mobile Phone

IdeaForge, Mumbai based startup has launched Roto Charger, a ‘hand powered’ mobile charger that works by simply rotating a handle on the charger. Now you will never find yourself without a way to keep your gadgets alive. Whats more, all their solutions are universal and you simply have to plug in the adaptor that suits your phone.

Yes a Phone that can be charged by turning on a small lever, that for all practical purposes can also be carried in your pocket or as part of your emergency kit. This innovation is just the start of many in the Idea Forge product line. They have chargers for Bikes and cycles as well.


An ecofriendly software application, developed by New Delhi-based Mobimonster 2.0, GreenPhone allows one to save on the phone’s battery and charger life.Greenphone alerts you to several power consumption modules of your phone so that you can remove the charger or shut down the unwanted services to preserve power and in turn help saving the environment.

Greenphone has advanced algorithms that help the software quickly get call back from the device when the battery is “optimally” charged, Bluetooth, WLAN are active and there is no data transfer and when the backlight is not in use, Greenphone shuts it down.  Greenphone aims to alert the user by means of SMS so that you know when the phone is using resources which are not required. The firm allows users to download the application free for trial, but charges $15 for constant use.

What does all this innovation tell us ? well India is ready to take on the giants, however it might not be everyone; like in the gulf or back at home, but sparks of brilliance are everywhere.

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