My new Toy, the Nexus One

Yes, I got one. Most of you will already know my obsession with Google and Google Products, I am an avid reader and propaganda person when it comes to Google, so it was not a surprise that I did pick the Nexus One as my new Phone. Ever since I bought my first phone, it has always been a Nokia I have gone through quite a few Nokia Phones in the past few years, starting with the 3310, 6610, 6230i, N85 and my last phone which was the N95 8GB. Its been a while since I have been looking for a worthy opponent to Nokia’s best offering so far, thought about the N97 which I thought was great hardware but sloppy software, and even the N900 which again I hesitated to buy cos of the software, Maemo did not last more than 1 device. Nokia lost focus somewhere in the way, although I believe that in the emerging markets they are a tough competition the smart phone segment which seems like the most growing, Nokia is caught unaware. Now I could have waited for the N8, but then the software problems being the last Symbian device would be too much to ignore. All in all with a lot of reluctance I left the Nokia camp.

My next option everyone would ask me is why HTC ? Why Nexus One ? Why not the iPhone ? Well Honestly I am a big fan of Apple and their innovation, but the iPhone did not really do it for me, considering that the world is moving closer to an open world, the iPhone and Apple are trying to create a closed loop around their products which to be honest is not something that I would like to be bound by. The iPhone is great in what t does, my only problem with it was the closed loop function, its like having to take permission of Mr. Jobs every time I want to change something on my phone. The only way to access data being the iTunes, only from the App Store, which honestly will not be sustainable for a very long time, even with the successful Apple iPhone. It had to be between the iPhone and the Nexus One, as Blackberry never really tickled my inquisitive side.

On my blog I have been praising the Android a lot, not just because it is from Google, but because it does provide an opportunity to younger relatively inexperienced companies to make hardware and have a good strong operating system to run it for free as Android is Open Source. This would also make the price of the Handset go down to a certain extent, which is ideal for countries like India. About a month back I purchased the Sony Ericsson XPeria X10 Mini for my sister, the power of Android in a device shined through it like a diamond in the rough, the hardware and software of that phone made it a killer combination, I was sold to the Android. So, when I got back I did a sort of a mini comparison between the iPhone and the Nexus One, and well the Nexus One won Hands down over the iPhone 3GS but marginally over the iPhone 4. Android just sealed the deal.

The feeling of using a phone that I was waiting for so long has been awesome, and there is a word-press app on Android as well, so I could start blogging from the phone seriously, however I doubt that I will be able to get typing so fast. Moving from the keyed N958GB to the all touch Screen Nexus One is a bit difficult as it is my first touch screen phone, but let me tell you its a very small learning curve and am glad I picked the Nexus One over all the others. The final purchase however was a gift from my lovely wife, hence proving my point, that my choices are usually great :) For those of you who are interested about the tech specs of the phone, click here. Just other information of the ‘Google Phone’ as its called can be found here. Oh and I nearly forgot, Yesterday the Phone did an automatic firmware upgrade to Froyo 2.2, or Android 2.2 over the Wi-Fi, So well now its my new portable Wi Fi Hotspot as well :)

As soon as I loaded the device I was greeted with an amazing resolution screen and numerous apps, Logged into one of the Google Apps and voila, all my data from Google was available at my fingertips, from the email to photos from Picassa. I even got greeted by Google, here is the email that they sent me:


Your new Nexus One phone has many cool and useful features. Learn more by clicking on the links to watch brief YouTube videos directly on your phone:

  • Get turn by turn directions with satellite and street views of your route. Learn more
  • Speak and have the phone type for you with voice input. Learn more
  • Watch videos or upload your own videos directly to YouTube. Learn more
  • Take pictures with your 5mpx camera and view them in your 3D Media Gallery. Learn more

You can find all these videos and more on the Nexus One playlist at

The Android Team at Google

Google, Inc.
1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View, CA 94043

Inclusive of introductory videos as well :

Well its a good start so far, I only hope that it is able to sustain my interest after the ‘Honeymoon’ period is over.

5 thoughts on “My new Toy, the Nexus One”

    1. If you have a budget close to the iPhone it is really worth it, better than the iPhone actually.

      I am not a hundred percent sure, cos like I mentioned it was a gift and she does have a knack to get a good bargain, but in Dubai it can be purchased at close to $600.

  1. Good read Melvin.

    I recently got my android phone – HTC Wildfire – and I’m so much in love with it!!

    I was hoping to get a Nexus One, and believe it or not, it’s been discontinued :(

    All in all, Android rules!

    1. Awesome … the Wildfire is an awesome phone ..really …

      Well I think Google pushed Nexus One just so that Android gets adopted more from the public .. and it worked

      Android is doing to Apple, what Microsoft did to Apple a few years back .. :) One OS that works on all hardware unlike proprietary software and hardware :)

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