iClone – Better than the iPhone

No I am not going to be talking about the Android phones and how awesome they are, although they are. Neither am I going to talk about the N8 which might be Nokia’s sorry attempt at reviving the smartphone (Although its not the fault of the hardware, its the Symbian). I am talking about genuine clones of the iPhone and how they provide in some cases a better phone than what is considered now the holy grail of mobile phones. Cut to, China.

One of my previous colleagues from China used to tell me all the time, you throw anything into Shanghai, and they will throw 2 clones back, one a cheap one and another inexpensive one. The inexpensive one is the one of interest as more often than not, they also come with many additional features.


The picture above is of the Meizu M8, one of the most famous iPhone clones in the world. And not only is it an amazing clone, it tries to do some things that well, the iPhone cannot. The Meizu MiniOne will have a 533Mhz Samsung processor, 128MB of DDR SDRAM, TFT touchscreen, 720×480 resolution, 3-megapixel back camera, 0.3-megapixel front camera, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, DMB TV Tuner, GPS, video output, AVI/MPEG4/WMV support, and a 4GB to 16GB size, the best of all it costs half of that of the iPhone.

The touchscreen handset will have both contact lists and text messages virtually inseparable from the Apple original, including minor elements such as the side column of letters for faster navigation. Click through for prices and interface images after the break. They have gone one step ahead and opened a new (is it first?) flagship store in downtown Shenzhen. While there you can sneak peek at the company’s flagship handset and compare it with Apple’s original work. Note here that we like the way Meizu “sounds” with better screen and camera.

In fact, their next venture the M9 plans to run Android, well that should be more than interesting, if the render has anything to say to it. With Android 2.1, 1 GHz processor, HDMI port, and 5 megapixel camera in tow, the M9 should surely please. The specs above were really the last I was expecting for this device, but hell, I’m really impressed.

Cut to China again, A Chinese firm has developed a special protective case known as the ” Apple Peel” for converting the iPod Touch media player into a mobile phone. The Apple Peel 520 from Shenzhen-based Yosion Technology is expected to be available next week in online stores and is targeted at aspirant owners of Apple’s trendy iPhone who are baulking at paying the full price.

The device attaches to the iPod Touch like a protective case but has a dock connector, an extended battery and a SIM card slot, enabling users to make phone calls and send text messages, the Beijing News said. Users who unlock their iPod Touch can install the rubber and plastic case for 388 yuan ($57).
So looks like it is attack of the clones for the time being, hope they win and if they do, it owuld just mean that technology would be available for all at an inexpensive price.

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