Forget 3D its time for 5D

Middle east and new innovation is rarely something that goes in the same statement without the use of the word NOT, but off late there have been some changes especially in the field of sustainability and construction (duh .. ) that are fuelled out of Masdar and the construction industry. Interestingly I have been finding titbits of new technology resources that are built around the middle east, like Spark Mobiles, a mobile phone manufacturer in Deira or Merlin, the company that is really pushing alternative innovative technologies in Dubai.

But I found my most interesting innovation yet. arcade goers in the UAE will be able to play 5D games within a year.


I know you guys are thinking what the hell is 5D. First lets look at 4D content, 4D entertainment – where seats and special effects, like wind gusts, are in synch with the 3D action on screen – has been in the market for years, but is not interactive. Viewers cannot control the content on display. I have been in some of these rides in Dubai, in Singapore as well as in Kuala Lampur. But the 5D experience is now adding the next dimension to this entertainment type.

Gamers will not only be able to see three-dimensional worlds on screen, but special seats and controls will let them “hit out” at lifelike events, said Prakash Vivekanand, Director, Amusement Services International (ASI). “You’ll be able to strike, let’s say, a snake popping out or shoot at bad guys,” said Vivekanand.

5D is beyond just moving seats at a 3D movie – it’ll immerse players into the game. This will push gaming to the next level; it’ll be brilliant. The conventional arcades will be obsolete in five years’ time. What’s more, viewers or gamers will no longer need special glasses for experiencing 3D content making use of parallax barrier screens.

The smell factor is already in. There’s a children’s ride where a train takes them through the different smell zones of a fruit factory. This is what the ASI says on their next technology the 6D entertainment arcade.

You can read more about ASI here :

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