India Report Card for Technology 2010

First things first, A very Happy Independence Day to all the Indians, and to our neighbors Pakistan as well. It’s the Independence Day today, and really all the focus seems to be in all the wrong areas, like every year, the media is picking up the bad in the country to highlight on this day. From Terrorism, corruption, Maoists, Bandhs, CWG Vs Food, Bollywood, IPL Scandals, Babus, all the flaws of India are being highlighted. I am sure as a child, if you were to point out his/her faults on his/her birthday, I am sure the child would not be really happy, and would be damaged for life. Then why is it that we are doing it to our country  ?? Anyway, for this Independence Day, like the Republic Day in January, I would like to prepare a report card for the technology sector in the country. Of course it is the most shining one and the one sector where it does look India is shining and moving ahead.

First of all If you did not manage to read the report card during the Republic Day, here are the links :


The above links will definitely take you through the advancements like ISRO Bhuvan, Military might of the Indian Armed forces as well as developments in the government. It is pretty clear that in the field of technology we are moving only one way, UP. This year is no different there are numerous reasons for companies, Individuals and India Inc in general to smile. Starting with the Awesome Rupee symbol that could give a boost to local electronics manufacturers in India, right until the $35 tablet and more. In this half yearly report I would like to highlight the awesome innovation that is overflowing out of all corners in the country. First from what I have already posted :

I will do a second Part, where I will post further updates to the technological changes in India and by Indians. Watch out for Part 2.

3 thoughts on “India Report Card for Technology 2010”

  1. You said very true that media always picks that type of topics on special days like 15 aug, 26 jan etc but have u ever thought what is the reason ? We always tries to show the good things to hide a lot of bad things in our country.
    As an true Indian please think that people affected with
    the factors that you have described in the article is much more higher than the mere people associated with the science and technology.
    Yes this is a true fact that science and technology is growing at a rapid rate and we Indians seems to be one of the dominating in the world but friend it is fact that more than half of the country does not know what technology is and what it does.
    Population ,Education,Corruption is very critical issues
    for India and will remain until the country seriously deals with it. I think you are understanding what i am trying to say.
    But I like that you are so much dedicated for the country and we need many more like you..
    and finally HAPPY 63rd INDEPENDENCE DAY……..

    1. Thanks Anuj, I appreciate the comment. I need to however mention that most of the other issues in the country will be solved only through economic progress, and economic progress. Without Economic Sustainability it is difficult to deal with most of the issues that we are “not talking about here”. With technology making its mark on the world, it will bring about economic stability and in turn solve the issues.

      It might very well be that the people who are not affected with technology, are going to be the one who will solve it for the rest of us. I am sure we need to support them with everything possible. Yes, Anuj Happy Independence Day to you too .. I am not sure if you have seen the India Vs India Debate. This would be a classical example. I am on one side, and you are on one. Both are right and both are wrong. :)

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