Are we taking Facebook and Twitter too far ?

Agreed, that there are awesome uses to these social networking sites, and you will get a few thousand examples of it at Facebook Stories. But I am not talking about using Facebook and Twitter in dire conditions, but really using the services in ridiculous and absolutely unnecessary locations. I am sure already a lot of you can point towards that friend who is a Facebook fanatic and is there all the time posting even the most mundane things about his life, that we, rather dont really care about.

I think I have been writing about these things with Facebook for a while, like how Facebook and Twitter are making our lives truthful, Some mistakes that you would regret, Care to be taken while using Facebook as well as 10 golden rules for using Facebook but this time I am going to list out a few incidents where numb brained individuals make use of these services.


The fact of uninhibited usage is getting more evident now, considering that the mobile phone is the new portal of Social Media. People not only carry their phones everywhere but tend to carry the sites with them as well. I am not only talking about you sitting on your pot and sending status messages on the sites, but people that are really taking the sites where they are not supposed to go to. Check out these 2 examples from Mashable.

1. Marriage Proposal with Twitter

Apparently, Max Kiesler has proposed to Emily Chang over Twitter (took him fifteen years, sheesh). And she said yes! If this is real – and I see no reason why it wouldn’t be – Mashable wishes you guys many more years of geeky bliss. See the tweet screenshots below.

On Mashable

2. On the Alter : Marriage Proposal

During his wedding ceremony, Dana Hanna whipped out his mobile device and not only changed his relationship status to married on Facebook, but also sent out a tweet announcing that the couple had become man and wife. The whole scene was captured on tape and posted toYouTube, so you too can check out the nontraditional altar activities of the newlyweds. Check out the video.

On Mashable

Well the worry about usage of Facebook in crazy locations is getting even more clear and present with the launch of Facebook Places, A new services that allows you to share where you actually are on Facebook along with a status tag letting people know what they are doing there as well. The video below explains the Facebook Places below.

Worse, not only do they now have check-ins, but they’ll show people who are checked in to your current venue even if you’re not friends, and will let other people check you in if they’re in the same place. Let’s think about what this could mean in real life; you will be actually giving away your location to people, knowing that you are not at home, for example would leave your home vulnerable to thieves. Also, there are the class bunking options for college students which might just die, or even a romantic getaway with surprise will no longer exist.

Add to everything, you might have not been the person checking in into the place as well. My suggestion is to disable places completely from Facebook, especially considering that its not a disconnected service like FOur Square, which is a seperate Social Network, and does have so much information about you already. Really think about it, if you do decide to disable Facebook places, check out the video below.

Live safe with Facebook.

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