Speed bumps only for the ‘fast’ cars

Being in Dubai its not very common to come across Speed Bumps, but when you do it is quite pleasant, but something that kind of annoys me is the fact that even if you drive slow, you still need to go over the speed bump, that slows you down.l Yes, its annoying. However it is a requirement for the drivers who consider the roads in Dubai an extension of the Dubai Autodrome :) I have my faith in engineers and inventors who would come up with a solution to my annoyance, actually before I even say that I found a solution.

These guys in Mexico’s Decano Industries have a speed bump that could make the speed deterrents a lot less obnoxious. The concept is simple: if a car is going slow enough, the speed bump stays retracted and allows it to continue. Go too fast and you hit the speed bump, in the way we all know best.


The system uses metal plates that measure the force of an impact against them. Cars going slow enough will cause the plates to lower, though any faster and the speed bump will remain where it is and remind the driver that its not a race track. Check out the demonstration video below (Which I think was put together by a 14 year old).

Decano says that the system costs $1,500 per bump to install and will not only see a rise in happier drivers, but also decrease fuel consumption. But with a steep price like that for every bump, I think this would add in to the list of inventions that thay made but did not really implement. What do you guys think ?

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