“iPad Killers” from India

The Indian consumer electronics industry is going through a bit of a overhaul. From “Indian” Mobile Phones to various innovative gadgets, the Indian Electronics Industry is definitely giving a good fight to the international players in India like the Nokia’s, the Samsung’s, the LG’s and the likes. It was all play nice, we are the new kids on the block, until they started to make a dent in the markets of these guys. Most of us know that Nokia has not been performing in the smart phone segment, the world’s largest mobile phone manufacturer has its strength in the low cost mobile sector, and that is now being challenged by the likes of Maxx Mobiles,Karbon Mobiles, MicroMax and others.

But looks like Indian Companies are not just happy with making a dent. They are now going for the Mother load, Apple and the likes. If you have been reading this blog for a while, you will know about my obsession with the Innovation in India as well as a bit of a hatred with the iPad. What sparked off this post is actually a re look into the Indian Pioneer who decided to take on the Pi, Infibeam. And what surprised me was that they have an iPad lookalike ready, running both Android and Windows as optional. Yes, you did hear that right ! I thought it would make a nice look at these so called, “iPad Killers” from India. So, here goes.


iPad Killer No.1 : Infibeam Phi

Starting off with the newest entry into the race, from the guys who bought us the Pi, Infibeam is ready with the iPad killer as well. Phi’s size and expandable memory let you travel light with your library. One can take a micro SD card from phone or camera and plug it into Phi. See beautiful full colour images and even run presentations by adding music and animation. There is a high quality stereo speaker inbuilt

Infibeam Phi Android version comes with 8GB memory expandable upto 32GB with a 7 inch display giving you a resolution of 800 X 480. It has a battery life to last about 5 hrs of for music playback and about 4 hrs for Video (thats definitely not enough !). It has a USB (which iPad does not have) and wi-fi connectivity for your internet surfing. Being on Android Operating system, you can extend the functionality of the device by downloading Android games / apps. (The Windows version is also on similar lines.)

[ More Details and Specs ]

iPad Killer No.2 : Olive Pad

Olive pad is equipped with 7 inch screen with a display of 800×480 pixels resolution with 65 K colours. Viewing screen from any angle is comfortable and the olive ipad also support multiple touches. Olive i-pad is very sleek and slim and can adjust in your rear pocket.

Olive i-pad comes with a preloaded Android 2.1. The UI can be customised. Apps, games, UI add ons , social networking applications etc can be downloaded via Android market. It is also equipped with Qualcomm MSM7227 chipset with a 600 MHz processor. Typing is easy because of big screen and this feature further helps in abstracting all the benefits of the Android 2.1 engine. Also comes with a camera, BlueTooth, speakers, USB and the usual.

[ More details and Specs ]

iPad Killer No.3 : Notion Ink – Adam

Flash, a longer battery life, outputting video at 1080p, a $1m app competition—these are just some of the ways Notion Ink is hoping its Android-powered Adam tablet will be able to win customers over. Arguably, the most awaited and most sought after Android Tablet yet, the one that sparked off the Tablet debate with Android with iPad.

The tablet has gone through several different guises since renders were unveiled in December. From the slick silver-edged device, to the roll-topped plastic prototype at CES, the latest renders suggest the final design will be more in keeping with that cheaper-looking prototype, although much slimmer. They’re reportedly considering launching two different models, with the key difference being how thin they are—either 12.9mm or 11.6mm, which suggests different displays being used.

[ Notion Ink ]

Which One ?

While there are three options for the time being and there seems to be many more in the pipeline, I would still wait. First of all there seems to be a trend emerging, “Android. And like Apple iPad, the Android will be able to achieve some fame only after there are adequate apps for it. Apps will come from people adopting these tablets and more people will adapt them when there are more apps. However, If I were to pick and choose one, it would be the Olive, only cos its available. But if the Adam were available today, I would pick that Hands down.