New Seats in Airlines to increase seating capacity by 25%

How many of us complain about the seating in the Aircraft’s, Most of us ? Some of Us ? None of Us ? My guess would have to be most of us, and being tall like I am does not help the cause as well. I keep wondering, Aircraft manufacturers seem to be building bigger and better aircraft’s trying to provide that additional comfort for passengers, but airlines seem to be making the spacing between seats smaller to make more passengers fit in the same aircraft thus increasing profit and lowering costs.

This is definitely the case with most Budget airlines and with Emirates.  I cannot imagine travelling half way around the world on an Emirates airline flight, sitting 16 hours in a cramped space defiantly is going to cause a lot of discomfort especially for me. Business class, well I am not yet there, to be able to fly business class all the time. Anyway, the trend in the Airline industry in general seems to be trying to cramp as many guys in the same flight as possible. Even to the extent that some airlines have started offering standing room only tickets. I am sure those can be applicable only for short flights. But if one Italian Design firm has its way we could be having one extra person for every 4 passengers on our existing flights.


Considering that Airlines have started considering charging tickets for standing-room only passengers, this might be a worthy compromise when something like that gets completely implemented. A saddle type seat that angles passengers legs beneath them so that rows can be 25% closer together. Called a SkyRider seat these are just launched at Airshows around the word. It might very well make the flight tickets cattle class with many more people, I cant even imagine what an A380 cattle class flight might look like, 1200 Passengers ?? Maybe.

Apart from the airlines, the Airports might have nightmares receiving so many people as well. But, this entire concept in the long run is not so bad is it ? Having more people in the same flight will reduce the carbon footprint of the airline. i.e per capita carbon footprint for each passenger is small. But at the cost of being packed like sardines in a tin can ? I am not so sure how many will be happy, I can already see the CEO’s of budget airlines celebrating.

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    1. This is a definite possibility … Lets just hope that the Airlines dont really implement this and hopefully things get better.

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