Free Indian Tool to create PDF Files

For a long time I kept arguing with my friends in the software industry in India that Indian Software industry is just a services industry and it will become big only when Products start coming out of the companies in  India. Although we have the largest force in the world in the software industry the number of products coming out of India are the least when compared to smaller countries. However, the Indian Software Industry is coming of age and what better way than to have products spilling out which can compete at other international products.

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This week I am featuring a FREE Software for creating PDF Files, MADE IN INDIA. Unfortunately when I started using it, the UI felt a little childish than professional. But the functionality is good. Here is an excerpt from the website describing the PDF tool called PDF Cube. I think they should run a spell and grammar check.

Free PDF Cube is a tool to create PDF files from all  printable files and all images. PDF Cube  install as a  virtual printer. It convert word to pdf, convert excel to  PDF, convert ppt to pdf,  convert image to pdf, convert  xml to pdf etc without using Adobe Acrobat Software or  other  third party tool. This works a Printer so you can make PDF from more than 500 formats. Supposedly, Works well with Doc, Docx, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX, Gif, Jpg, Cdr, Indd, Exif, Png, Pub, Html, Xml, and more than 500+ format. Additional support for all Indian and Foreign languages makes it a good tool especially in the Indian Market.

There is a pro version as well that sells for $39.95 (Strange how they have marketed the software in dollars, maybe to allow people to compare pricing, but that could have been achieved otherwise as well) Here are some of the features of the free and pro versions.

  • Create PDF from any printable file.
  • Encrypt PDF.
  • Set PDF File Information.
  • Supports All Languages and Unicode.
  • Merge and split PDF Files. (Pro Version)
  • Encrypt/ Decrypt PDF file in Batch. (Pro Version)
  • Merge and split PDF File.  (Pro Version) {Yes its mentioned twice on the website)
  • Change PDF Page Size. (Pro Version)
  • Convert PDF to Image. (Pro Version)

My advice would be to try it out, to give it a shot, if it fits your purpose then it’s a very good tool to have. However, to the developers I would really suggest to have a cross look at the website (Basics like grammar and spellings) so you can attract more customers.

You can directly download from Or visit for more details and products.