Check on your Facebook privacy and Fix it with these Online tools


If you have been following this blog, Facebook Privacy is a topic that regularly comes up, right from some stupid mistakes that people have made up until the latest in privacy settings here on Facebook. Its been a long and gruelling battle between Privacy and openness for Facebook, and with the user base steadily growing its more […]

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Nokia Phone charging with body heat


Nokia has been working with technologies that are really well different, when the Apples and Androids are innovating in trying to find different ways to be able to make our Mobile Phone experiences interesting, Nokia the world’s largest Mobile Phone Manufacturer seems to have different ideas when it comes to Mobile Phone Innovation. I have […]

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Worlds Most Expensive Home completed – In India


Costing over $1 Billion the Ambani Residence has now completed and is now open. There is one part of me that is really proud that the Most expensive home in the world is built in India, but on the other hand I am also appalled at it. The Antilia is the product of a partnership between architecture firms Perkins+Will […]

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Your Facebook DP requires a touch up ? This might help

Animals Funny_Are We Having Fun Yet

Most of our Online presence is through Facebook, I agree that a lot of us have blogs, websites, LinkedIn Profiles and profiles on other sites. But Facebook seems to be the one profile that all of us are known by, which is why we put a lot of time in finding the perfect picture that […]

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Awesome Robot Dancers at Gitex and more


Last year at the Gitex show there ware Robot Dancers from Sony who were trying to bridge the gap between the Robots and the emotional Quotient that humans need towards them in order to be able to adopt these Mechanised creations. What could come this year in the robotics front is something worth keeping a look at. […]

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The most expensive Home Theatre in the world


I got an interesting mail with the pics for the most expensive Home Theatre in the world, and let me tell you something it was worth writing a post about. Once I received the pictures I started getting more and more curious about the composition of the system. The Kipnis Studio Standard Experience, also known as “The […]

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Formula Rossa in Abu Dhabi opening on 28th Oct


A lot of the readers here will know how inquisitively I wrote about the Ferrari Roller Coaster in the World’s One and Only new Theme Park in Abu Dhabi. First of all I was sad considering that I am working in the construction industry in Dubai and that I did not get a chance to […]

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