Check on your Facebook privacy and Fix it with these Online tools

If you have been following this blog, Facebook Privacy is a topic that regularly comes up, right from some stupid mistakes that people have made up until the latest in privacy settings here on Facebook. Its been a long and gruelling battle between Privacy and openness for Facebook, and with the user base steadily growing its more or less certain that the end is no where to be found. Since Facebook’s Privacy Settings are quite confusing sometimes, people around the web have started building tools that allow you to check these settings and have a control on them. As always trying to caution Facebook users about this sort of important information, today we will look at the various websites you can go to to check and update on the privacy settings.

Most of these tools are able to access this information from FaceBook and analyse the same only when you are on Facebook. So you might need to create a small Bookmark-let on the screen and then access Facebook and click on the bookmarklet to be able to finish the analysis. I usually am against scripts that use the bookmarklets to run as they could be potentially harmful, but for the sake of the precious visitors I have run though all of the above personally to make sure that they are safe before using them. The most interesting tools is the last tool that can not only analyse but also fix the settings.

1. Privacy Check

Privacy Check is a nifty app that evaluates your privacy settings and gives you a score out of 21. The details of the score reveal which objects of your Facebook account are publicly accessible. Check out Privacy Check here : http://www.rabidgremlin.com/fbprivacy/

2. Privacy Defender

PrivacyDefender is a Facebook application that evaluates your Facebook privacy settings. You need to drag its bookmarklet to your bookmarks toolbar. When you access your Facebook account, click this bookmarklet to evaluate your settings and view which information is viewable by whom. Check out PrivacyDefender @ http://apps.facebook.com/privacydefender/

3. ReclaimPrivacy

ReclaimPrivacy is another tool that works similar to PrivacyDefender. You get a bookmarklet which you need to click once you are on your Facebook’s privacy settings page. You privacy settings are evaluated and shown to you. Check out ReclaimPrivacy at http://www.reclaimprivacy.org/

4. Zesty Facebook Privacy Checker

Zesty Facebook Privacy Checker is a useful tool which takes in your Facebook username. It then displays a comprehensive list of all your Facebook content that is set to public. Check to Zesty Facebook Privacy Checker @ http://zesty.ca/facebook/

5. SaveFace

SaveFace is a simple bookmarklet that evaluates your privacy settings. Unlike the tools mentioned above, it can even restore your settings to friends only. Here is how you use SaveFace:

  1. Drag the SaveFace bookmarklet to your bookmarks toolbar.
  2. You need to enter your privacy settings, and click on the SaveFace bookmarklet. Your settings will then be reset to “friends only.” This means that only your Facebook friends will be able to view your Facebook contact information, search settings, friends, tags and connections, personal information and posts. SaveFace’s script will take a little time to run, so you will have to be patient.
  3. Once the process is through, you can use anyone of the abovementioned tools to verify that your data is set to “friends only.”

Check out SaveFace @ http://www3.untangle.com/saveface

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