Wordless Thursday – Japan, The Earthquake and the Tsunami


Hi all, Its Thursday again, and this week on wordless Thursday, I would like to present the Infographic that would describe the Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami. Yes, its a not a very pleasant event and we all need to help and donate to help rebuild Japan. Already having faced the wrath of the A-Bombs of America, I don’t think they […]

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Will Amazon do to Android what Google could not (in the middle east)


A few weeks back I wrote about how Google might be killing Android in Dubai, not directly but indirectly. The mistake of Google of not telling users here in the middle east that Google Market is not part of the Android offering, and the Handset manufacturers are the bigger scammers (read Samsung, LG, HTC), not […]

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Wordless Thursday – 15 Things you did not know about the dead


Death is not the best topic in the world, but still for Wordless Thursday this week is 15 things that you did not know about the dead. Did you know that a human head stays conscious for 15 – 20 seconds after decapitation ? and a cockroach up to 9 days ? Interesting facts that you might have not […]

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April Fools is round the corner, here are some tricks for you


It’s nearly the end of march and soon, that dreaded day where people play some pranks on each other will be here. And to be prepared this time around I started looking at some interesting options that are really different or maybe some that you have not tried. I thought that just a list of […]

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Cell Phone Etiquette – someone should really make some rules

I want you to turn off your cell phone

Cell Phones are everywhere; nearly all of us have one. In fact during an earlier post on wordless Thursday, we did manage to look at the overall numbers of cell phones and usage statistics which were quite shocking. So, it is absolutely great right, everyone has a cell phone, loved ones are closer? Yes it […]

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RESUME, C.V. and BIO-DATA – The difference


I know I write a lot of technical happenings in the world, but one topic of mine that you will see coming through every once in a while is the topic of Resumes, Business Cards and such. I believe like most of you would that these resumes, business cards etc are more or less like […]

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World’s Cheapest Android Phone – IDEOS


From the beginning of the Android ecosystem, a lot of people have been pushing Android to be the one competitor that can match the flexibility and the feature list of the iOS (iPhone) ecosystem. And all of them have been right, it is everything that a competitor needs to be for the iPhone. Its robust, has the apps, more […]

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Remembering the past 7 years, professionally

Not so long ago I completed a hefty 7 years in Dubai, and I have loved most of my stay here. Physically, Personally and professionally I have grown in Dubai, it has been more of an all round development if you can call it that. Having worked very little in India, most of my current professional development […]

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The Earthquake, Tsunami and how the world has changed


First of all, my heart felt condolences to all those who have lost lives and property in the earthquake that just happened in Japan today. It is considered the 5th largest one since 1900, from when we started keeping serious track of these earth quakes. This time however, the effect of something like the world’s […]

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5 jobs you did not know could be outsourced

Business models are all around us, people all the time talk about doing something apart from your real job to actually find something to provide with a second source of income. One of the ways you can make some money is by helping someone with a service you are good at, s that they can […]

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