Why I do NOT support Anna Hazare ?

For starters I have been asked by quite a few people about what I think about the Anna Hazare case. And I have been telling everyone the same thing, I do not believe that it is right to support him, nor do I think what he is doing is right. As the days go on, and as people start adding into the fight, I can’t help but think that this is just going downhill from here. Days on end, news channels seem to have forgotten about everything than the ‘Fast’ by Anna Hazare, people are sending texts to each other to forward around, telling us how Indian we are if we support him and how unpatriotic we are if we do not support him and things like that. Yes, I do not support the entire fiasco behind it, and nor to I completely agree with the ‘Jan Lokpal Bill’ as it is called and here is why.

First things first, most people who are supporting Anna Hazare in this so called Revolution do not have a clue of what the Bill is actually about. Ask most of your friends who have sent you texts, posted Facebook Status updates about it, and they will actually tell you it’s about stopping corruption and bringing Black money back into the country. Yes, it is but has anyone looked beyond the objective, into the methods and the ways of making this happen ? Well I can bet, it would be 1 in 10 or even 1 in 50 who has taken time to read it. I actually did when the name Anna Hazare popped up a while back, out of the blue. This is after I wrote about him, being blinded by my sense of patriotism and effortless, protest.

I wanted to check who he was an what was the entire deal behind it ? So I went on to the website that has a lot of information about the campaign, India Against Corruption. To make my point I can go down the route of personal attack on Anna Hazare, from his RSS support right through to his treatment of “Harijans”, but I do not want to do that (you can research those for yourself). I want to open what I believe is the flaw in the entire campaign. I did a bit of a scrutiny of the campaign, like Arundathi Roy  who wrote about it in the Hindu, it’s a long but compelling read. Check it out here.

While his means may be Gandhian, Anna Hazare’s demands are certainly not. Contrary to Gandhiji’s ideas about the decentralisation of power, the Jan Lokpal Bill is a draconian, anti-corruption law, in which a panel of carefully chosen people will administer a giant bureaucracy, with thousands of employees, with the power to police everybody from the Prime Minister, the judiciary, members of Parliament, and all of the bureaucracy, down to the lowest government official. The Lokpal will have the powers of investigation, surveillance, and prosecution. Except for the fact that it won’t have its own prisons, it will function as an independent administration, meant to counter the bloated, unaccountable, corrupt one that we already have. Two oligarchies, instead of just one.

Yes, I got to reading the amendments to the bill as well as most of the bill myself. Here is what I think of it.

  • It is a good plan to convert our democracy into a machinery that would be under the control of a single person (sort of) rule. By giving all power to the Lok pal, he will be able to keep the government at ranson at any time he wants.
  • It is also a plan for certain people (ahem .. Anna supporters and successors) to become incredibly wealthy. By blackmailing the politicians who is planning to investigate.
  • Will not be limited to Government Departments, so does this mean that they will start scrutinizing the private companies, street hawkers into following the law of the land ?
  • Will be able to scrutinize the PM and the Judiciary. Interesting considering that the leader of the largest democracy In the world will now be answerable to this LokPal and not the people ?

I am not able to understand the actual intent of the “Merry men of Anna” they have put these constraints in the bill. Understandably they have their own justification of the terms mentioned. But this is the hind side of the same terms.

Take Karnataka for instance, the state has a LokAyukt, a similar committee as the LokPal in the central government, to curb corruption in the state. But over the past few years there have been unconfirmed whispers among the people of the LokAyukt blackmailing the ministers, extorting money in exchange of a no investigation. Whether it is true or not, the fact remains that it is possible with the bill. Imagine that now nation-wide, what this bill will provide is a open chit to those who will be in the Lokpals chair to extort and make more money through the very thing they have set out to stop; Corruption.

I am not suggesting that Anna is corrupt, I am saying that once he is done with his term it will be an open invitation to someone to take on that position and possibly misuse it. How long will Anna take the position of LokPal and try to protect us from his successor ? It’s not detailed in the LokPal Bill.

When it comes to the place where this system fails, will another Anna Hazare rise to form another governing body to monitor the LokPal and the Government ? Possibly. And how many of these do we need from corruption to stop happening in the country ? The only way we can stop corruption is to stop being a part of it. Our ministers and Politicians are hungry for money, as are the 1.2 Billion people in the country. If you are telling me you are completely satisfied with what you have and do not ever want any more money you are lying. So it does not matter who is in power they will make some money, either through bribes, or if they cannot they will make it legal like in the US and call it lobbying fees. But this will not stop.

As long as we are a nation of people ready to pay our way through inconvenience, we will always have corruption. Regardless of whether we have the LokPal bill passed or not. We need to take a stand and STOP paying bribes, only then can this be stopped and not through a sort of Mexican Showdown with the government using “Ghandism” and “Patriotism” as cover.

India will be against corruption only when we stop paying, nothing else will stop this. I am like always open to debate.

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    1. The collective effort of all to just say no to give bribes is a good start. Even if one of us do end up giving or taking bribes, the entire system will start again.

  1. Hi…
    I am Abhishek, a citizen of this country and worried about my future in this country…Are we getting what we deserve or getting enough from the government back by paying our taxes….
    Well you know the answer and I need not to tell you, I am not going to, convince you on this or Lokpal bill etc
    I do not belong to right or the left wing…but am secular to core and you telling that Annaji has an RSS background bla bla…how does it matter when, what he is fighting for is JUST/correct…you cannot play such cards to tell that you are not supporting him…or whatever…
    Today atleast if not the whole nation…young people are interested in the law of the land, the democratic process…Its a superb lesson in Democracy to the world…
    Any law, has its short comings…let it work, the flaws can be corrected or amended whenever, if there is misuse of power is noted people will speak against it…and there can solutions worked out…
    As they say in Rang de basanti movie…..there are only two ways of living…whatever is happening let it happen or stop grumbling and do something about it…
    I am doing my bit…by supporting a strong Lokpal bill that is practical and works well and punishes people who have taken the common man for a ride…
    You have an Idea…of your own as to how to make other people stop taking bribe and change them…think of it.
    You cannot stop people from robbing, or killing others by just saying that you will not do it…
    These are my strong views think about it…..

    1. Abhishek,

      You are right we need to do something. But that something should not lead us into another dark world. Which is why we need to think twice before formulating a BILL, we could have done it as a simpler ordinance. Try it out and if does not work, fix it.

      A bill will be really hard to change, just as much as it is to be passed. The same people (government) needs to change it, do you think will let the change pass if they find this not working ??

      In fact they will blame Anna and the common people for pressuring to pass the existing one.

      Think about it…

  2. Good article and thought provoking… Thanks even I have same view…

    After reading and Analyzing Jan Lokpal Bill, I came to conclusion that Jan Lokpal Will Help to Increase Corruption by 200 % more than existing rate of Corruption.

    Bcoz only Politicians are corrupt n hence whole India, now Lokpal can pressuring them and ask for Share in the corruption.

    and at last sufferer will be Indian Citizen.

    Say No to Jan Lokpal and Save Indian Democracy & India.

  3. lets try it out at-least.. don’t just forecast in negative way.. if it didnot work, loss is X.. but if it does, gains are 100X….

    1. Shittal, the loss here might be not x but a 1000x over 100x of profit, then you will definitely need to think about it.

  4. Dear Friend,
    I feel sorry for your awareness and posting such blogs. But anyways this is the part of the democracy where you have freedom of expression. Let me also add that in the same democracy the government servants are there to serve you. But even after paying the taxes you have to pay a bribe to them. Which is totally unconstitutional.

    Also you have said people do not have a clue what JAN LOKPAL BILL is, i will agree that some people might not know but SEE THE CAUSE behind it. It is to eradicate corruption to a mass level starting from a clerk in government office to the Prime minister.

    It is not a machinery not a one person rule. There are many bodies currently which are independent of Government like CVC, CBI, Anti corruption Wing, NHRC etc. but the authority is by Supreme Court.

    LOKPALL is an independent body with 7 members commission. which will have independent powers.

    For your awareness a CLASS B income tax office has the right to check IT returns of PM, ministers and impose penalty on them. That does not mean that he is above the government.

    So my request is do your home work before posting such blogs and mis leading people.


    1. Dear Viral,

      When this is passed, it will not just be the cause but the actual BIll that we will have to face consequences about.

      So 7 members are going to monitor the entire government machinery ?? well, that should be good to watch. *sarcasm*

      1. If you have a clear understanding of the Bill then you should definitely agree that such kind of protest at such a large level was/is very much required, irrespective of who is leading the campaign and why

  5. Exactly My thoughts!!

    I’m opposing this as i don’t want another POTA to happen. Mis usage of power/law.

    Some more of my thoughts..

    Arvind Kejriwala’s statement in IIT Madras regarding judiciary not included in the draft lokpal bill. Draft bill says “if any judge found corrupt there will be panel of three judges from the same court and Govt follow the panel recommendation”. Kejriwala says will you do anything that lands up your friend, colleague or who you have lunch every day lands up in jail??

    In Jan lokpal bill.. “If any one found corrupt in lokpal.. Lokpal will investigate and suspend the culprit in 2months”.. If the 1st thing is not possible how’s the second possible??

    If they want every govt office including PMO & Judiciary under lokpal purview how much work force they needs??? I presume it be be in thousands and who will watch these powerful watchdogs???

    and many more….

    I feel this does not stop corruption..And not at all a long term solution.. It doesn’t make any sense to me ” To Vote for one govt and fight against the same govt for the basic rights!!”

    and more over Corruption is already considered as crime we don’t need any new law to frame it as a crime.. Corruption reduces when there’s a good leader in place (Ex: Chandrababu naidu when compared to YSR as CM of AP)

    And Lastly i’m proud to say that “I’ve never succumbed to any bribe demand” and “I’m Proud to be an Indian”

  6. back in da days of roman empire, they used to appoint a soldier(kinda superhero) who would fight all da evil forces on on behalf of whole empire. the last one appointed was caesar, and he never gave up his power:)

  7. I have no doubts about Anna and his team’s intentions. But I am not so sure about the Jan Lokpal bill. Like you already said, who will make sure that the LokPal itself functions properly. May be Anna can be the first Lokpal and it will all be great, but what about after him? Will the succeding Lokpals be equally honest. Can anyone guarantee that.
    I would like to add one thing here. We all talk of corruption all the time, we hate it so much. But what is corruption? Is corruption only when someone asks for money to do something he ought to do free. Most of us who use a computer have at some point of time seen pirated movies or at least heard pirated songs. I can say that about all the engg colleges of India, for sure. What about trying to cross the signal when it is red. Isn’t that not corruption. In fact, doing anything wrong is corruption. But do we even once think about such small things. Shall we make laws against these as well (perhaps we already have laws, we just don’t care, in which case we are actually doing something against our constitution almost on a regular basis). Corruption can not be stopped till we don’t have the will power to do what the right thing to do is. All those supporting Anna Hazare and Jan Lokpal bill, please take some time to think what is it that YOU are doing wrong in YOUR life , almost everyday. What right do I have to call someone corrupt if I am myself not honest?

  8. “It is also a plan for certain people (ahem .. Anna’s supporters and successors ) to become incredibly wealthy. By blackmailing the politicians who is planning to investigate.”

    Do you think ANNA (73) who does not even own a house….who rather stays in a Mandir, can even have such intetions in later part of his life……..NO WAY….

    1. If u read the post againsuhel you will see that its not aimed at making Anna look corrupt. Just that the bill makes it easy for anyone in the post to be.

  9. Hi,
    Just like how CVC or EC has no politicians and are independent bodies, that’s how the Lokpal will be too. It is foolish to say that they are above government. All they can do is to investigate charges of corruption, and take the accused to the courts.

    Two, the provisions of the Bill were widely debated publicily, and many changes were incorporated based on public feedback.

    Three, the members of the proposed committee include a lawyer, a former head of the police( Kiran Bedi) etc. These are not random people who just “came up” with a anti-corruption bill.

    Four, there are no clear RSS/anti-dalit insinuations against Anna, and on this, my take is you’ve just swallowed whatever Congress/Arundhati has been feeding the media.

    Five, an anti corruption bill that is effective is way better than a utopian “we should stop taking/giving bribes”. Is that all you’ve got as an alternative to Jan Lokpal?

    Six, this second round of protest by Anna was mainly due to the fact that the government rejected all the salient features of Team Anna’s Bill, and refused to even file it for discussion in the parliament. And, even a cursory glance at the Government’s version will tell you that it is intended to protect its brethren- MPs and higher government officials, from investigation/prosecution.

    Further, the governments’ version puts the corrupt in jail for six months, while if failed to prosecute, will put the “whisleblower” in jail for upto two years..

    Thus, the question is not whether we want an anti- corruption bill or not (as the government already tried to pass its version in the parliament), but whether we want the diluted/good-for-nothing/pro-corrupt government’s version OR a strong and effective anti corruption bill in the likes of the Jan Lokpal Bill presented by Team Anna.

    I would suggest you take a look at both versions of the anti-corruption graft, and make a point by point comparison of atleast most of the salient points in which the two versions differ.

    Once you’ve done that, I am willing to have a debate with you.. But for now, you seem to the ignorant utopian “I hate Anna cuz…I dunno…He’s got other plans dude” dude…


  11. These kinds of arguements pop up whenever somebody comes forward with a mission to bring needed change. Stop saying most people doesn’t know abt Lokpal bill. This statement would have been good before 3-4 months, but today the scenerio has changed. Even school kids know abt the ongoing struggle. It had been an attitude of ruling sect to find the faults or defects in the person who tries to correct their unquestioned behaviour. Keep blaming in the same manner and U’ll spend another century in the dark with hands and mouth tied. Later on the same society will yearn for some change but by then it would have been too late. Had any of the parent think where the demand from capitational fee for their children arise from? Why no government constructed structures are not assured of long tenure? Why in a country with agriculture as main source of revenue still experiences starvation in majority of its parts? Though only a small part of country is undergoing a development what is the fate of remaining states? Right from telecom business to metal scrap business you find lobysts, who decide the nation’s fate, shit…… The opposing parties always tries for a way to divert the people…divide them…divided their opinion…ultimately succeed in their venture. We were able to achieve independence when we showed our united support to our freedom fighters and followed their path. Do you think Gandhi, Nehru, Rajaji,……….(the list will never end)had no black marks. Even then their were particular sect in society which was pro British and were ready to suppress freedom movement. Ultimately, the mission is important and the so called liberal thinking will never serve the cause. Join hands we will fight togather, if you donot want to join…………not an issue we still fight on your behalf……..afterall we are in a nation, where Father of The Nation “Mahatma Gandhi” was himself assasinated. Jai Hind……..

  12. I believe most of the the people who does not support Mr. Haraze is against him, they are not expresssing it in open forum bacause many reasons, and one of the reason may be the fear that they will be considered against the so called patriotism…

    You are a genius and courageous! Nice post…thought provoking. I have same view…

  13. Dear Sir,
    I am happy at least ANNA HAZARE started something. Let us support and find out what is going to happen.
    I think you are happy withe present situation.
    To blame a EGG is very simple to lay the EGG is very difficult.
    Nagative thinking people always there is problems in each and everything.
    we must cahnge our thinking patten.
    Karan Badi, Santhosh Hegde , Maghna Patak etc are not fools . I know them very well.
    If we fast for oneday we can’t stand in our legs. He is 74 and he is not doing for personal gain. Entire nations can see that. He can not enjoy the good result comes also.
    Please don’t think negative, negativity is the sick mind status.
    Anna is not my relation , i don’t know him much , but his intension is gud ,that i an INDIAN.

  14. You are absolutely right.
    98% of the indian people , in small scale ,or large scale , are engaged in corruption, how many people can be thrown out by Anna Hazare and gang ?

    And definitely, to stop corruption ,is to stop being a part of it.

    “Every Country gets the government it deserves”

  15. dear blogger or shud i say mr. extraordinary, plz tell me- cud yu say that lokpal will rule the nation??? wen someone who isn’t corrupt can’t be punished by them, they r just like a seperate judiciary for corrupt people. cud yu say team anna will earn money??? are they charging any fee for campaigning.
    nd if they earn by it thn its sure that the amount won’t exceed cwg or 2g scams.
    3.yu saying all ministeries will b accountable to lokpal, not to people, bt do yu knw the investigation will take place aftr a complaint by any citizen..
    plz reconsider yr facts. i’v more replies for yu.. thank yu.

  16. The argument that nation will be corruption free only when people stop paying bribe is very much false and shows the complete unawareness of the author. If corruption can be controlled by just embedding moral values, maybe we should dismantle ACB of CBI , all vigilance departments of govt. Moral science chapter in children’s book will do the job ? Why limit it only to corruption may be can dismantle entire judiciary and try and tackle crimes like murder through moral science books as well. This idea of no accountability and moral science belongs to stone age maybe not to modern age. Please give better argument.

    1. If the CVC and CBI have not been able to convict any minister then their powers need to be increased rather than add another layer of vigilance on them. Anyway its wait and watch time now.

  17. why havent actually talked about the lokpal bill..In your blog you have just given us a vague idea of what the bill is ,not exactly what the bill contains !! …
    Secondly its always to find faults in every move of the government..But if ever we give it a SECOND THOUGHT and think about the good things its going to bring …Then it will be nice :)

  18. Firstly your tone of writing gives an impression that you are more excited than thoughtful…

    “…as are the 1.2 Billion people in the country. If you are telling me you are completely satisfied with what you have and do not ever want any more money you are lying….”

    I can tell you my was never and I am not… I do want money but only as much as i can earn by working for it. So do i know about many other ppl. May be when you wrote this, you could be write about yourself but certainly not for the rest of 1.2 billions.

    your bullet points gives the impression that according to you lokpal is a management team which will keep an eye on govt and control everything that it does… or for that matter anything that anybody does in this country… you need to know the difference between policing and managing… and there is a vast difference…

    “…The collective effort of all to just say no to give bribes is a good start. Even if one of us do end up giving or taking bribes, the entire system will start again…”

    you have totally got it wrong… think over it… and its the other way round actually… any system that is brought in anywhere is precisely because you want to control the behavior or action… by very nature human are not controlled in their behavior and that really doesnt mean they are dishonest. Very simple example … if you donot put a queue system for movie ticket counter… it will be chaos… just put proper queue fence (a simple system) and automatically ppl follow it and the chaos is gone.

    understand that corruption is not because of ppl but because of the chaos around, and chaos comes because of a flawed system. It will take a brain even lesser than ordinary to understand that our system is completely flawed and a failed one !

    Read through the HK anti corruption agency site to understand the situation of HK and how having an anti corruption agency helped in improving everything or rather changing everything…

    In another conversation, i had some thoughts which i am sharing here…

    In the current context… Everywhere i see … ppl talking all indians are corrupt and this movement will do nothing great till ppl change.

    tell me one thing… its the same avg indian when he/she goes to stay in US or somewhere outside… when he is there… does he bribe a traffic police or does he just pay fine. Does he not pay income tax correctly, does he get involved in any kind of corruption – No right ! Now its the same indian who, when is in india, gets involved in some kind of corruption – right ? Its the same person, who is behaving or acting differently in 2 different system. Now tell me what is wrong… is that person wrong ? i dont think so, if he was dishonest or corrupt to the core, he will not act honestly in another place, understand that its not a forced honesty… he just naturally becomes honest there. On the other side, I am not sure, if a US or europe person lives all his life here, he will live a clean life in this contury. Now can i say that people of india are just as honest as anybody else … no ?

    If I have argued right till now, then its obvious that its the system/laws/policies/institutions which increases or controls corruption. And if you set this right, things will change. I think for everybody (not only indian !) its between conscience and convenience/comfort, and there are times when you desire for convenience, and at that moment if the system allows you to pay to get it, it introduces corruption. A correct system should not allow such pay-for-convenience culture. Todays system in india has gone further one level down to pay-to-get-things-done culture, and it puts you in all kind of troubles, if you try to do right things.. morally or ethically. I dont think i need to put any argument for that, its a known fact. If the system doesnt support and the laws doesnt force it, ppl cannot “act” honestly, be it india be it anywhere in the world… its not specific to any breed of ppl. The system should support conscience of ppl, institutions should have clean process for any work done, laws have to stict enough to scare somebody from asking for bribe, police should be doing real policing to help common people to force the law. I think, thats how it works in countries which are less corrupt. And because of the lact of it, india is in this state !

    Now coming to lokpal, i hear many ppl saying why just make a law for only politician when everybody is corrupt here, and how will it help. Partly i have answered before itself. In continuation of it… I think, when you are in hierarchy, if everybody is honest above you, its unlikely that u will indulge in any illegal activity or corruption, as you donot have support for it from your superiors. But the other way round, will not necessarily work… mean if your subordinate is being honest, it doesnt mean you and everybody above you will be honest in the hierarchy. So if you make adequate system and laws to curb corruption at the highest level, in some way (may not be entirely) the result should be seen at the lower level as well and eventually in a common man as well. Well i must say i am a bit of optimist but does it not make some sense ? I felt, try to fix it at the top and them coming down at the lower level, perhaps could be a better approach.

  19. I will completely leave out all the points that i talked in my previous comment and just talk the rest…

    “…Arundathi Roy who wrote about it in the Hindu, it’s a long but compelling read….”

    you seem to be enlightened by her writing ??? I myself can write as big an article which will prove her wrong for every point that she writes. But i really dont have to, there was another article i guess on TOI which talks about here article point and point and brings out all the fallacy there. To me, many of them seemed obvious when i first tried reading her article (mind you, i couldn’t complete reading, cant take so much nonsense), i am surprised, how anybody cant see those fallacies themselves !

    “…RSS support…”
    How does it matter, i have completely failed to understand… why so many ppl talking about it… when there is no correlation to it. I have read many muslim ppl writing about it and they are surprised why this point in being brought in atall ! i will put one of the comments here, which is so meaningful, there are many such comments… come-on wake up.. talk some meaningful things !!!

    Dr. Mustafa Kamal Sherwani
    Anna Hazare Movement vis-a-vis Indian Muslims : These days there is a sharp division of opinion amongst Muslisms regarding the anti-corruption campaign of Anna Hazare. The skeptics are echoing the Congress slogan that Anna is the face of Hindutwa forces, and the whole saga is meant to subvert the constitutional process and democratic institutions so as to ultimately help the fascist forces of the country capture power. I have been severely chastised by such Muslim intellectuals for praising Anna, and my many poems,especially the one ‘ A salute to Mr. Anna Hazare’ has drawn flak from them, and they have equated me with Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi and Shahnawaz – the known Muslim faces of B.J.P. I regret to say that the community has suffered a lot because of the negative approach of these intellectuals who use their super human wisdom to search out conspiracy angle in every thing ,however simple and straight. As a response to RSS backing Anna’s movement, suffice would be to say that even it be so ,it does not affect the sanctity of the anti-corruption crusade, just as no Muslim would abandon Islam if RSS or BJP ask them ( Muslims) to follow it ( Islam ) in letter and spirit. I repeatedly assert, and all the Muslim intellectuals must realize that the community can never articulate its proper course of action in India till it continues to make difference between these fictitious secular parties and fascist forces. It is simply a facade and ploy continuing since independence to keep the community under perpetual enslavement.Astonishingly, Mayawati’s secular credentials remain unpolluted even though she canvassed for Narendra Modi immediately after Gujrat Muslim carnage, but Anna Hazare becomes a face of Hindutwa forces if he praised Modi for developmental work. If the Muslim community aspires to survive in India as a vibrant force, it will have to shun the present isolationist tendency and super intellectualism to invent conspiracy theories everywhere. Anna’s movement is a national movement, cutting across all the party lines. We must try to see which way the wind is blowing. A new India is emerging. The future is going to see the gigantic changes on all fronts. It is like French Revolution which is bound to alter the course of events.It is the time for the community to discard the people with negative tendencies.We, as a Muslim must be with the rest of the country when national issues are involved, but side by side we must assert ourselves as Muslims when the question of our religious identity or our rights as Muslims are in question.Dr. Mustafa Kamal Sherwani,LL.D.Chairman, All india Muslim ForumSherwani Nagar,Sitapur RoadLucknow, U.P

    “…First things first, most people who are supporting Anna Hazare in this so called Revolution do not have a clue of what the Bill is actually about. Ask most of your friends who have sent you texts, posted Facebook Status updates about it, and they will actually tell you it’s about stopping corruption and bringing Black money back into the country…”

    If you talk about educated ppl…i donot know any, who has this understanding as you are talking about… may be you have company of such ppl and i dont ! There are misconceptions… but nobody has so grossly misunderstood it, as you are pointing out… DO NOT make such baseless assumptions !!!

    “…Well I can bet, it would be 1 in 10 or even 1 in 50 who has taken time to read it…”

    as said before, its possible that people donot understand the details of it… but whoever i have spoken to… and there are many… everybody understand one point that the reason that the current system has failed to control the corruption is that the agency which is supposed to investigate are completely in control of those who they are suppose to investigate… and those people will never make a law which breaks this paradigm … and i guess this one single point is strong enough to understand that we need a change in the existing system (what change ? well its debatable, and i will leave it for now !)

    2nd and more imp point… and it is very personal… i donot believe to understand an idea, it is enough to read some or all the bullet points about it… and read some critics view about it. I always feel… to have strong believe or disbelieve in an idea… you have to first absorb it and not just understand its bullet points and/or admire some critics arguments ! By absorbing an idea… i mean you have to understand the philosophy of it… the background of it… the “core” issue that it is trying to address (in this case it is not just “corruption”)… do we have a proof that it can/should work ? what kind of people are involved in framing this, are they eligible enough (need not be the best person to do it), who are opposing it and why they might be opposing it (in this case mainly the political system and some critics)… argue against it… and find reasoning to support it… there are many such things that you need to do to really absorb an idea… And in my opinion, not even ONE-IN-THOUSANDS absorb the idea. And also YOU CERTAINLY are not that ONE-IN-THOUSANDS. But I dont think thats required to make a change, so far as people understand the very basis of it, and i think most ppl do !

    “…the state has a LokAyukt, a similar committee as the LokPal in the central government, to curb corruption in the state…”

    This is NOT AT ALL same as the new system that is being talked and discussed right now… so DO NOT draw any analogy !!!

    “…Imagine that now nation-wide, what this bill will provide is a open chit to those who will be in the Lokpals chair to extort and make more money through the very thing they have set out to stop; Corruption…”

    What makes you think that it will be a non-accountable body, which is not accountable to anybody… you need to read a lot and absorb a lot before arguing on this.

    “…A bill will be really hard to change, just as much as it is to be passed…”

    How did you draw this conclusion… do you even know how many amendments are passed till now from parliament… and this one bill is pending from ever… and in any case changing the laws will still be in the hand of parliament and lokpal doesnt have any say or control on that… so i would say donot worry so much over it and loose your sleep !

    “…Thats exactly the point, how many levels of watchmen are we going to have ?…”

    This is one ridiculous argument… have you seen any system where you put policing over policing over policing and so on… You write software and a testing framework. have you heard of writing another test framework to test this test framework and then another one on top of that and so on… this is ridiculous… so think and talk logic !!! you just make enough provisions and bring in enough control… so that when we see things going wrong, we should have enough control to fix the wrong… or make the change. And mind you such things are defined !

  20. it is something more than wat is said in this blog!! when a common innocent man can be in a huge trouble in name of corruption, y cant a man n power face that problem!! yes, it might certainly lead to big collapse, let it lead to a new start if possible!! Stop writing blogs jus for hits n comments!!

    1. As a matter of fact, the Blog is what “I” think of the issue, so well I am not writing it for Hits and Comments only, but to bring out an opinion.

      1. If you really think of the issue and have a thoughtful opinion which you write about in public and stand by it ! Then you should/must accept all the comments of any reader and give your arguments on that and very obviously you havent done that… you just accept and make visible only those comments which doesnt give substantial or strong arguments against your opinion !

  21. Well said Misterjester. I share a similar view on this issue. My concern is not only about the lokpal and they being corrupt and then having another body to monitor them, its about how some civilians can decide what rules we should have in our constitution. That is the duty of the Parliament and the ‘elected’ reps there to do. If this trend is allowed, tomorrow some one will come up with some other bill say open sex and wat, its also a matter of common interest and will all of support that?? We cannot just let some one to bring up with a bill and say ” Take this. Pass it in parliament and make it a rule. No need of discussing it Just make it a rule”. I wouldnt call that a democracy. It is the MP’s that have to submit the bill and if there is some flaws in the bill, then there is the opposition to counter that and make sure that it is corrected. If he is not satisfied, why dont he and all those who support him conduct in the election and goto parliament and show us the sathya harishchandra rule. It is easy to sit in the gallery and comment than getting on the ground and playing it.

  22. Dude… i really don’t agree with you… And I cannot deny any facts from this blog… But not supporting this movement is just trying to keep our system the way it is.
    Now the system works in such a way where ministers and Govt. official steal money from us… With Lokpal as a governing body will keep a control over corruption (which is the big idea)..
    Even if Lokpal turns out to be corrupt and work in sync with the ministers, then this movement is a big flop… But I feel it is worth the try… Just like every election where we vote hoping that the new Govt. will be better than the old… Even though we know it is gonna be a corrupt Govt….
    Sometimes I feel that IAC should have been a political party and should stand up for elections… If puplic really trusts them, they can win and then implement the Lokpal…. Or this maybe a totally stupid thought

  23. firstly, I dont think 1.2 billion people can stand up together and start saying no to bribe from tomorrow morning. We are animals by instinct and unless we have fears, we always go by what gives us maximum pleasure, benefits etc. Simple example, despite 200 years of bondage and atrocities, not 100% of 0.45 billion people came out in support of Gandhi or any other leader fighting for independence. It is absolutely NOT possible. If you think corruption is less in SIngapore, Norway or New Zealand, it because there were laws, agencies to monitor, administer and control and so it became a way of life after 1-2 generations.

    Regarding the fascinating watchmen concept, I think right now there are no watchmen at all. The Police is under purview of State government, the CBI cant do anything without seeking permissions of Home Ministry and PMO and CVC is only advisory agency. Only the courts are independent and I hope you might have read articles about Judiciary reforms.

  24. I am volunteer of India Against Corruption and I have given donations to PCRF (Public Cause Research) Foundation. I had a chance to see Arvind Kejriwal and their associates very closely. I went to Anna Hazare’s village at Ralegan Siddhi. I have contacts with villagers. Initially I was a blind follower of Anna Hazare and like most of his supporters, I had no information on Janlokpal Bill. Any one speaking against Janlokpal bill was like an enemy to me. I read the book (the only book) Anna Hazare has written ” Mera Gaon Mera Tirath” After being beaten up by Arvind Kejriwal boxers (goons) just for asking a question to Anna Hazare. I am convinced as of today that Anna Hazare has not written the above book. Janlokpal bill is prepared only by Shanti Bhushan and Prashant Bhushan who do not have even the support of the higest legal representaion of India i.e the bar council of Supreme Court. This core group and Janlokpalbill is absolutely autocratic in it’s origin. Anna Hazare is the driver of this autocratic movement, with gang of four on his way to kill the democracy of this country. People chanting songs and shouting slogans are actually killing themselves with this so called janlokpal bill and will lead to a chaotic situation very soon. Today was a black day in the history of India when people from various political parties came to jantar mantar to support Janlokpal bill not because they like this bill and also not because these political parties are fighting for the last 65 years to pass this bill, they spoke in favour only and only to please their vote bank. They do not want to talk against any bad thing, if people are in favour of it.
    This bill is going to ruin our country. I pray to God to save us from Anna Hazare

  25. Since Independence, Our politicians have only looted and looted more. And there is no end in sight.

    People have died in hunger, farmers comitted suicide while our hard earned wealth going into pockets of these theives.

    Anna is trying to use current democratic system to curb this. He was trying the impossible. He wanted these big theives to pass a plan against themselves.

    As expected, he faced pushback, but he stood there. He became the voice of every Indian whose money these policitians have looted.

    So what should a comman man do to stop this open robbery? What choice they have? NONE.

    As a old saying “CHOR CHORI SE JAYE, HERA PHERI SE NAHI’, strong steps are needed to do something about this menace.

    A sensible person will whole heartedly suppose Anna because this is one realistic opportunity to get something done.

    But people like this Author who sits in their plush homes and have full stomach can only preach about philosphy.

    Ask a common man who suffers because politics looted the money and ask the person who is dying from hunger. He sees a light that something will be done.

    Anna’s effort is just a begining, inspite of all its shortcomings, it has a true sense of purpose to make a effective change.

    And this is just a starting, We need more and continous such effort to punish the Robbers we have to elected to destroy our country.

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