Wordless Thursday – Small things, Large Impact

Back again this week with Wordless Thursday, the feature that posts interesting infographics, which you guys love so much. Introducing this week’s Infographic is a pleasure to me, this is because I know and believe that these small things do really cause a large environmental impact. And with the environmental impact being positive we can hopefully offset some of the harming activities that we all so normally ignore. Like they say every watt saved, is a watt generated. Add to it the financial impact.

Wordless Thursday – Women in Business

Its long been professed that women make lesser money than men in work atmospheres, however recently women are taking on men and doing a good job at beating them at their game. I am sure its gonna be a while before that happens in the construction industry though. In the mean time, the Infographic of the week at this week’s wordless thursday is a cool comparison chart for the same.

However it would have been cooler if the Infographic looked more at other countries than just the US and Europe.

Wordless Thursday – Coffee vs Tea

The eternal debate is back, between coffee and tea. Which one is better for you and which one you should be drinking, if world wide sales are anything to go by, Tea seems to have a bit of a head start when it comes to consumption. I think its to do with Asians drinking Tea, and the westerners drinking coffee. However South India has more of a coffee culture than the west.

For the new ones on this blog, Wordless Thursday is my attempt of bringing teh Inquisitive world around us into the forefront in the form of Inquisitive Infographic. Although I do not create all the infographics, I still think they are worth sharing.

Wordless Thursday – Facts about your Mouth

Apart from its primary role as the first step of digestion, the mouth plays other important roles, especially in communication. Another non digestive role of the mouth is secondary social or sexual activity, i.e kissing. This week’s wordless Thursday aims to provide you with enough information regarding the mouth to make you look smarter in front of that date, maybe even enticing her to use it for secondary social and sexual activity :)

For the new ones on this blog, Wordless Thursday is my attempt of bringing teh Inquisitive world around us into the forefront in the form of Inquisitive Infographic. Although I do not create all the infographics, I still think they are worth sharing.

Wordless Thursday – Cocaine

Hi all, another Thursday, another Wordless Thursday Infographic to be put up. This time the infographic might not be the most pleasant, but nevertheless it is inquisitive. For all new readers on the blog, Wordless Thursday is a feature on this blog to have inquisitive infographics posted here on various topics from around the world. The feature you would see is one of the most popular type of posts both in terms of viewer ship and volume. Getting back to the Infographic of this Thursday – Cocaine.

You will not believe that Coco cola or Coke initially had cocaine as one of its ingredients, hence the name. They stopped using it once the substance was banned and made illegal. These and other facts about Cocaine at this week’s Wordless Thursday.

Wordless Thursday – College life on TV and in Reality

If you really wold go by the stuff that they show in sitcoms and in movies, Colleges especially in US seem to be heaven for people in that age group. Cooperating faculty, partying roomies, and all the stereotypes shown in teen flicks is what people expect. But in order  not to have the expectations high, this infographic is put together by some college students in the US. A picture is worth a thousand words. For the uninitiated, wordless Thursday is a section on this site, where I showcase the world through Inquisitive Infographics.

But the real comparison from the college life in the movies and the college life in reality is surprisingly overlapped in some aspects, not the good ones of course. So well, enjoy and let me know what you think ?

Wordless Thursday – What is your Date Really Thinking

Ever had a feeling you do not really know what your date is thinking on the other side of the table ? Maybe this feature from this time’s Wordless Thursday will be able to help. For the new visitors to the blog, Wordless Thursday is my attempt to step outside the world of technology which I usually write about and provide some interesting insights to our world through infographics. Although I am not the creator of the infographics, I would really like to share these from around the world.

Interesting facts like  women want to receive flowers instantaneously etc, which would really help you in your next date. All based on the subtle art of statistics :)

Wordless Thursday – The Hardest Languages to Learn

For all the newbies on this blog, Wordless Thursday is this blog’s way of providing a visual homage to the world. Most of it though interesting infographics. You can see all the infographics that have been published on this blog here. This week in the office, I was trying to pick up some new words in Arabic from some of my colleagues and guess what ? I found out that it is indeed one of the most difficult languages to master around the world.

Although this infographic is called “What are the Hardest languages to learn ?” they do not represent the majority of languages in the world, In fact India itself has over 15 National Languages, with hundreds of dialects each. I am sure if one were to chart out the languages in India  and which one is the most difficult, the intricacies of Malayalam, Tamil and other South Indian languages would show up as the most difficult to learn. What do you guys think ?

Wordless Thursday – A World without Google

If you are reading this blog for a while, you will definitely know my love for Google. From Search to mail, from image search to docs, Google earth, picassa and all the goodies that Google provides for free  I am a fan of everything. In fact I hope to someday make some decent money from this blog from Google Ads. But all aside, what would the Internet be like without Google ? I cannot imagine it. I am completely dependent on Google for my day to day stuff. Google It, is kinda my online life. But what would really happen if Google was not there, here is an infographic to kinda show the impact of Google on our life, and a life without Google.

Google Spy logo, Google Logo Search

I hope this Info graphic is scary enough for all you Google haters, so much so that you get rid of those Google Ad blockers and go ahead and click on the ads that you find interesting maybe even on this blog.


Wordless Thursday – Japan, The Earthquake and the Tsunami

Hi all, Its Thursday again, and this week on wordless Thursday, I would like to present the Infographic that would describe the Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami. Yes, its a not a very pleasant event and we all need to help and donate to help rebuild Japan. Already having faced the wrath of the A-Bombs of America, I don’t think they need to go through another disaster. However, nature has subjected them to it, and we need to help. This Infographic is just to be able to give an extent of the disaster, so that you can see for yourself and help if possible.

Via [Cool Infographics]

Wordless Thursday – 15 Things you did not know about the dead

Death is not the best topic in the world, but still for Wordless Thursday this week is 15 things that you did not know about the dead. Did you know that a human head stays conscious for 15 – 20 seconds after decapitation ? and a cockroach up to 9 days ? Interesting facts that you might have not thought about or had no idea about at all are portrayed in this interesting info graphic.