Wordless Thursday – The CSI Scam

Wordless Thursday this week tries to look at how the Television and movie worlds have actually provided forensics scientists a lot of work, while spreading information which is not entirely true about the profession. This infographic will definitely be an eye opener to all those who think why dont police solve more cases and why does India not employ these guys as part of their crime fighting ?

Actually it might come as a surprise but the Indian Forensics departments are quite highly rated all over the world, including in the USA. But why are they not in the forefront ? Thats because unlike what they would like us to believe in CSI or in CID (Indian rip off) only a small percentage of the cases do actually involve using biological evidence as the info graphic would show. An even smaller percentage have actually enough for a conclusive evidence for conviction. Having said that, here is this week’s Wordless Thursday.

Wordless Thursday – Could you be a failure ?

This week’s Info graphic is a bit of a funny one, needs to be taken with a pinch of salt I guess. However, as the year ends and another one dawns this might help bring hope to the countless entrepreneurs starting fresh.

Wordless Thursday – 15 things you do not know about the Tongue

Its tough without an internet connection, especially if you write a blog. Add insult to injury is the fact that I am feeling completely cut off from my beloved Internet. A few years ago my boss told me, “Browse for a couple of hours on a daily basis where you browse, not entertain, mail check but just browse”. Guess what it has turned into an obsession now. I feel like what can only be described as Internet withdrawal syndrome. No I am not Addicted to the Internet, ya, whats that site again ? lol.

Mirror Mirror on the wall who is the healthiest of them all

From the time when the first Fairy Tales were written, it has been imagined that the Mirror might provide more than just a skin deep reflection of one’s self. Although science has been forecasting this in many ways, it’s been a bit of a challenge in terms of achieving it. Concept videos showing Automated Homes of the future always use the Mirror as a good place to place information for the user to see, as this seems to be something that nearly everyone looks into at least once in the morning when they are freshening up after they wake up.

The concept of using the Mirror as a screen for more than just the reflection of the person in front of it has been used by Advertising companies in many locations, in Dubai Deira City center is a good example in Bangalore Mantri Mall is a good example too where there are screens at the back of the mirrors which are visible only when they are operational, else they tend to be like a normal mirror. I also had a chance to implement one of these solutions in Le Reve tower in Dubai, where every bathroom connected to the master bedroom has the facility to use the screen behind the mirror for morning news and things like that.

Now a new innovation from a graduate student from MIT, has enabled to produce a low cost Medical Mirror. This Medical Mirror can measure and display several health indicators such as the pulse and blood pressure of a person standing in front of it. The Student Ming-Zher Poh modified an ordinary webcam and it can now study a human face and measure the brightness variations produced by blood flow thorough the vessels in the face. What makes this innovation even more interesting is the fact that since it just uses a normal modified webcam it will be low cost, meaning affordable to many. And if you are wondering about the accuracy of the device, apparently this new webcam based system performed as well as medical devices approved by the American FDA (Food and Drugs Authority). Variations to this device with more diagnostics will spawn out, and the future of looking deeper than just the skin will become a reality.

Check out the video with an explanation from the inventor himself.

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Virtual Wire – Indian Technology for well going wireless

While Indian Outsourcing was turning from a boon to a curse in the west considering the public outcry over it; the focus of the world was on the call centers and the BPO industries in India that they believed were taking over a lot of the jobs from the west. And in the mean time India turned into a powerful R&D machine. This somewhat has caught the west unaware, and is bringing these sparks of genius that are making us Indians proud. Today, I would like to bring ahead another such an innovation that is sprouting out of India.

After phones and laptops, it’s time for plasma television, video game consoles and DVD players to learn to link up without wires. Vishal Chandra, the 29-year-old chief executive of Virtual Wire Technologies and his colleagues from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, (IIT-D) say they are two years away from developing a new generation of chips that will provide a wireless link from the sleek television set mounted on your drawing room wall to the desktop computer in your study, all within Rs2,000 or <AED 200.

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10 Awesome college courses I would have loved to do

Don’t get me wrong, I am really glad that I studies my engineering and have reached where I have. The analytical ability to look at things wondering and figuring out how they work and what makes things tick is something that I got from Engineering. Having said that I just saw this list on Pop sci for the 30 amazing College Labs and really wanted to attend at least a few of these. Just because they are awesome and really cool. Just to summarize I thought it might be worthwhile sharing my top 10 from that list with you.

Especially now that college is starting worldwide, it would bring a bit of perspective to the various education systems around the world and hopefully bring about some change in the education systems especially in India. I remember that out of the many professors that I had during Engineering, most would agree that this might be even a good addition into the Engineering Curriculum in India. To all the teachers around the world, a very happy teachers day.

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India ready to import water from Alaska ??

In a country which has two places with some of the highest rainfall in the world Cherrapunjee and Agumbe, deaths due to floods near the north west and governments trying to make sure flood relief programs are put in place, water shortage is something that plagues the sub continent. India it seems is finding it hard to find enough fresh water to serve the growing population. In fact world over fresh water is slowly becoming “liquid titanium” more precious than the Liquid Gold called Oil. I will not be very surprised if the American Government finds a new terrorist from the water rich countries to capture :) No offence meant. Anyway, water is definitely becoming the next big resource that people are going to struggle to control.

The first signs are slowing getting visible, a Texas-based water supply management company, S2C Global Systems, has announced it will ship billions of gallons of water annually from an Alaskan city to India. The company will buy water from the Blue Lake Reservoir in Sitka, Alaska and export over 3 billion gallons each year to India and other parts of Asia.

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MIT’s NETRA system brings the system to the optometrist

For those of you who would not know, NETRA in most Indian Languages means Eyesight, A few months back I had shared a concept of few guys trying to give a new vision to change the world, quite literally when scientists came out with oil filled glasses which were of course a bit revolutionary, However there might be a need still to do a check if the person needs some corrective glasses. And while looking for Innovative Applications for my new Nexus One, I stumbled upon the new breakthrough from MIT Labs, a new device out of MIT Media Lab’s Camera Culture group utilizes one of the most rapidly proliferating technologies in the developing world – mobile phones – to make the diagnostic process of refractive errors of the eye, including nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, and age-related vision loss, both affordable and accessible to underprivileged populations. NETRA (Near-Eye Tool for Refractive Assessment) uses a phone’s LCD display and intelligent software to administer a quick, effective and accurate vision test that patients can perform at home.

There are two standard ways of determining a patient’s corrective eye wear prescription. One involves looking through a large, clunky device fitted with various lenses swung before the eye until the one that produces the clearest image is found. The other shines a laser into the eye, using an array of tiny lenses to measure the patient’s vision characteristics. But in the developing world, access to these diagnostic systems is both extremely limited and prohibitively expensive.

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Bill Gates trying to Save the Planet

A lot of people hate Microsoft and Bill Gates, well the policies of Microsoft and some of the marketing tactics that they used were of undeniable refute, however even the geeks will agree that he had an amazing vision, at a time when mainstream companies were really looking for Mainframes and Deep Blues, he believed that common people need access to the device called computer which can enrich their lives. Today all of us spend a considerable amount of time juggling between 3 screens, the TV, the Mobile and of course the computer, and the popularity of the computer and the internet has a lot to do with it, arguably Microsoft has a lot to do with it as well, when they made the computer accessible to millions with software that could run on most hardware. His vision of the future published over 15 years ago, called The Atlantic – A Road ahead, predicted a lot of todays tech then when it was difficult to envision these concepts.

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The BP Oil Spill – What’s going on ?

A lot of people are paying attention to the incident in the Gulf Of Mexico that is actually being termed as the “worst environmental disaster of its Kind” and rightly so. The Gulf Oil Spill at an oil platform managed by BP is at the centre of this incident and for those who have not been able to keep up to speed with the issue at hand, here is a round up of the events. And this is all in hope that the brilliant minds might be able to actually come up with a solution for the increasing problem.

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