The Future that was

I am sure most of us here would have watched a movie or commercial or some pics in the past showing or highlighting how the future would look like. Most of those wishes and fantasies of the authors don’t actually come to life but rather get lost in the translation and time.

Recently started visiting an excellent site on blogger showing the exact same thing, Future Predictions in the past. It is very weird to see how things have turned out and how things were predicted to be turned out.

All new inventors and scientists always gave the example of the telephone and television when they talk about their creations. I think its more of self satisfaction they look for, but I definitely remember that I my arguments for supporting that a particular technology will work. When the telephone was invented Wattson, Graham Bell’s assistant asked him, “Its nice but who would use it?”. The actual usage is so extensive, that most people like myself cannot think about a day without the mobile.

The tomorrow of yesterday is today, well of course it is. Someone needs to keep track of the future of yesterday so that when the today turns out like the tomorrow of yesterday then the person would come up and say “Dint I Say So?”. But more importantly it gives an insight to what people are thinking for the future, gives new ideas and theories to Scientists who can work to provide the solutions as shown. Well there is this site that I came across that talks exactly about this the term coined for the tomorrow of yesterday or yesterday’s future is “Paleo Future”. Visit them here.


There is a very old saying in Dubai, first you come to Dubai and look for a job, then you look for accommodation and then you keep looking for parking. Parking is definitely one of the biggest banes of the concrete jungles in this modern world. I mean every day I used to spend an ample amount of time finding and securing a place to park my wonderful Honda Accord. Well, those days are gone and have past me, and today since I have shifted into my new place, I am in a spot where there is ample parking and really a bit of leisure considering the stress and the time spent on finding a parking spot.

Thinking about it with an engineer’s brain I often think, that there should be a better way to handle this than thinking of reducing the cars on the road. Well I looked at the place where there is very little space left. Japan. The city of the Zen, I mean simplistic design and existentialist designs. And of course engineering marvels.

Guess this one best describes the complete solution in its totality.

Another One : this one is the best of all of them

Shout for the food !

All of us have done it at some given point of time. We have all shouted for the food i.e. we all have experienced the frustration that comes along with ordering food in a shack. The shouting bit comes into play when the order does not come along for a long rime. Well what do you do , you shout for the food to get done. Some mad scientists have taken this further to invent a machine that will cook using nothing but yes, acoustic energy. Although the application of the technology is not yet in the form that I just expressed above. That would definitely be funny, but there might be a day when that vision becomes reality.

In reality scientists have worked out a solution to burn wood more efficiently by converting heat energy into acoustic energy used to cook food. This form of cooking can be the energy resource of the third world, although it does not eliminate emissions completely, it definitely puts in focus effective energy burning hence using less firewood for the cooking. Looking at the invention, I think the day is not too far when we would be using TV’s, AV components etc for more than just cooking food. Pump up the volume and the chicken is done ?

Konkani Kogul … Wilfy Rebimbus

The undisputed king of Konkani music, a living legend Wilfy Rebimbus has made a special place in the heart of every music lover of the coastal region. One can hardly find any subject on which Wilfy has not written a song. His fans in this part of the world love his old sentimental numbers.
World-class hits like ‘Mog Tujo Kitlo Axelom’, ‘Maria’, ‘Philomena’ and many others still ruling the Konkani music world are all-time favourites. Although by the time i heard him, he was a well knows figure in Konkni music, the songs still struck a chord in our hearts.

The track ‘Mog Tujo Kitlo Axelom’, has a special place in my heart as it is one track that connects a lot of my friends, specially the ones in Dubai. The track turned so influential with us that we ended up adding another paragraph to the amazing number while singing it. Infact when I met Lavina, it proved helpful in whooing her as well, as the fourth paragraph that we added was done keeping her in mind. I am not sure if there are many Mangee’s out there who have not heard of Wilfy.
I just happened to get an invite for the Wilfy Sentimental Nite in Dubai, Needless to say that the name ‘Wilfy’ meant the talented group led by “Konkann Kogull” Wilfy Rebimbus, joined by “Konkan Mynah” Meena Rebimbus together with Vishwas, Veena, Ivan Sequeira, Ratan Castelino and Stany D’Souza. The troupe took us music-lovers down memory lane. The memorable event was also marked by a candle-light dinner in a cosy atmosphere of the Al Bustan Rotana Ballroom, keeping the gathering tapping their feet to the tunes of golden olden songs from one of the greatest Konkani singers of all times.

This time a warm melosys tribute goes to Mr. Wilfy Rebimbus, for his perstince in providing us mangaloreans with loads of entertainment for all eternity.

Nothing is free – You pay a price for everything

This blog is a dedication to a lifetime, a journey so harsh that it seems to be part of some movie showing red tape and bureaucracy and a huge conspiracy theory. This blog is dedicated to Paul Pantone. Paul Pantone who, well remember this name, its might echo through the ages as the man who shaped the future of the Planet. They say nothing in this world is free, and when you look at the fuel prices, it’s a stark reminder of the same. Paul went to give the world just that, Free Energy. In 200 BC Chanakya the Indian Scholar once said “Never leave on a long journey alone”, but then Paul did not have Indian friends to remind him of the teaching.

At this point, I can see many questions in your mind. Why is he important ? Who is this guy ? What is he giving us to change the shape of the future ? I have answers to this question. Try to imagine owning the ultimate home production power plant; it heats your water, generates electricity, and takes care of heating and air conditioning, etc. by utilizing the waste heat from refrigeration and applying it to storage or hot water, while the generator is giving you all the electricity you want. I can already see people telling me, ya right Melvin, you are going on again in the sci fi way and this is all another scientist.

Paul Pantone is not just another scientist, He is the pioneer who has dedicated his life and work and everything for his one offering to mankind, the GEET fuel processor. In simple definition, the GEET Fuel Processor could be called a new type of carburetor with a miniature refinery built in. With it, there is no need for catalytic converters, smog pumps and many other costly items on cars, as the GEET Fuel Processor is not just a fuel delivery system it is also a pollution elimination unit! Your mileage will be greatly increased if you are truly consuming ALL of the available energy, from whatever fuel you may be using.

Cash Rich Oil companies and Automobile manufacturers have for years suppressed this genius invention and have greatly caused personal pain and suffering to Paul Pantone because he wants to help mankind and give back something to the Planet. You can read about him here. After he figured the potential that this Fuel Processor had, he realised that this device can alter the course of human history. And as the saying goes, “With great power comes great responsibility”. He could have sold the technology to the hundreds of companies who offered to buy it a very large sums but rather decided to endure the wrath bourne by the same people for trying to launch it into society. But till date, he is been tortured mentally, physically and emotionally, for what ? Because he wanted to do good.

This is a melosys tribute to Paul Pantone for his dedication and contribution to the world.

The price of Technology !

New, latest, advanced are the keywords of the new techno savvy world. Techno savvy did i say, well yes. If you have changed your mobile phone in the last 10 months, you fall in this category too. Yes, that means even you who got the phone just so that you are not left out in the crowd.

Anyway, the price we are paying for this cannot be described or lemme try to describe it, “Global Meltdown”, the next few years is going to see us loose out on a lot of the goodies from the “Good ol’ days”. What am i going to loose ?

Well picture this, crops are not in as much abundance as it should be, because of which rains are not as strong as they were. Due to lack of rains, countries are in serious shortage of water and a global struggle trying to hold on to maximum amounts of water begins, Water is coined “Liquid Diamond” and is the most sought after commodity in the entire world. Especially drinking water, methods of purification are failing due to various reasons, like major water bottling companies not allowing the bottling of purified water. America attacks “LD” rich countries in an attempt to gain as much control over the LD resources. The claim that the countries house weapons Mass Destruction.

Bangladesh is one of the victims, and in an attempt to retain their Integrity they attack back, but due to the poor technology they have which is borrowed from Pakistan the missile lands in China, killing most of the communist leadership. This leads to a huge meltdown in the Chinese government and hence the Chinese economy, which by then is the dominating power along with America and India. The collapse of the Chinese economy brings about a two headed race for supremacy between India and America and a well known Arms Race, butter fingered America again launch the familiar Nuclear weapon leading to world war 3. And in the end the destruction of Mankind.

Sounds like a story straight out of a conspiracy theory. But if you think about it, its not impossible. The reason for all this, Our Cell Phones. Well what has our cellphones got to do with world war 3 ? The Butterfly effect. Something “small and insignificant” in today’s world, can be responsible for the extinction of the human race.

Scientists suggest that our love of the mobile phone could cause massive food shortages, as the world’s harvests fail. They are putting forward the theory that radiation given off by mobile phones and other hi-tech gadgets is a possible answer to one of the more bizarre mysteries ever to happen in the natural world – the abrupt disappearance of the bees that pollinate crops. You can read more about it here.

As far as I am concerned, i am going to stick to my N80, and will wait for a Radiation free Mobiles like G-Hanz models to become more affordable. Then perform my switch, until then, every call i make will remind me of the grim future I am keeping in store for my future generations.

What Might have been

Every time new technology is promoted these days, people give the example of the telephone, i have always heard people comparing new technology to the success of telephone or the television, the very sophisticated, i-know-it-all look and the statement “When people saw the telephone for the first time they laughed, and said its amazing but who is going to use it”.

But, in the process of trying to achieve the same level of success with newer apt inventions many of the scientists have lost their everything. My today’s blog is a tribute to one not-so-well known scientist who tried to create the unthinkable and if approved would have shown the doors of exit to the energy crisis the world over, maybe even would have stopped the oil-crazy Americans to get into Iraq saving thousands of lives, both evil and divine. ENERGY FROM VACUUM, a concept so weird that we may take some time to digest. My today’s blogging tribute goes to Inventor Edwin Gray or Ed Gray.

33 years ago in 1974, the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office unprovoked – shut down inventor Ed Gray’s facilities which were preparing to produce the Gray Car powered by Ed Gray’s fuel less motor, which utilized energy from the vacuum. Historic photographs from the brochure of Ed Gray’s car have been posted on The Tom Bearden Website Here.

This could have been the greatest gift of a man to mankind. But alas the Greed of man, one day we will definitely chop the branch that we are sitting on, and it will all be over. Well The Vacuum powered engine aside, some of the additions to this car would have definitely been the pride of the owner with the then latest technologies like electronic speedometer projected on the deck of the car, 360 degrees turning radius, power steering, lesser parts of the vehicle, Lexan (another alternative for safety glass) etc. hmm … guess we will have to wait for the next free energy car.

Special Thanks to Roy for this.