The REAL ‘Emirates Palace’ is on its way

Frequenting the Internet, some of the information you find is stunning. Sometimes information of something so close to you is relayed from the internet and you haven’t heard about it. Is that just not the worst ? Well, here is another bit of information that might just give you that feeling, I stumbled on a website which had the details and information about the Real Presidential Palace of Abu Dhabi, which is being constructed in Abu Dhabi. Since I work in construction and have worked n some of the best projects in the region, rarely new projects really do excite me. But this one really did. The Abu Dhabi Presidencies new Palace is definitely worth a second look.

This is the proposed presidential palace being built by the Presidential Affairs Department of Abu Dhabi. It is going to replace the existing palace in Ras Al Akhdar, Abu Dhabi. The project will be constructed over 2 plots and will include the main palace, smaller palaces, villas and other facilities. The main palace itself will be 160,000 square meters or over 1,700,000 square feet! Take, the new presidential palace,$490M project that was awarded to Greek construction firm Consolidated Contractors Company and Abu Dhabi-based architects Ewan Architectural & Engineering Consultancy last year. The compound will sit in good, sweet, ostentatious company beside the Emirates Palace Hotel, which made a name for itself around the holidays by hosting a Christmas tree dripping in $11M worth of jewelry.

While the Guggenheim labor controversy has shed negative energy on the Emirates city of Abu Dhabi, turns out there’s a whole lot of other stuff going on there. The Presidential Palace being maybe the crown jewel when it comes to it. All my reluctance in going to Abu Dhabi for a visit is not slowly being overcome to go see this behemoth coming to life.

More Information on Skyscraper City. More Pics here.

Formula Rossa in Abu Dhabi opening on 28th Oct

A lot of the readers here will know how inquisitively I wrote about the Ferrari Roller Coaster in the World’s One and Only new Theme Park in Abu Dhabi. First of all I was sad considering that I am working in the construction industry in Dubai and that I did not get a chance to be a part of this amazing theme park in Abu Dhabi. In fact having worked on Dubai International Airport expansion of Terminal 3 and the Burj Dubai I would have loved to be part of this one as well.

Knowing that I will be able to visit it, and its still within traveling reach by car is still good enough for me I guess. Personally I have not been to the amazing Roller Coasters that they keep showing on Discovery Channel, but always wanted to. Having said that I have always wanted to go there.

Have a look at what might be in store at the Ferrari Theme Park, opening just before the F1 race in ABu Dhabi, I guess people have more than just 1 incentive to go and visit the Ferrari Theme park. Anyway let us know whats the most interesting one of these that you want to absolutely go to.

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Remove card to take your Gold, an ATM for Gold

This seems like something you would do in a land of opulence, Oil Rich money and egos, wait where else can it be, in the UAE. In the glory days of Dubai, I would have said in the city of Gold, but unfortunately the City of Gold does not have the finances for something like this, its with the neighbouring emirate of Abu Dhabi that has given shelter to this wonder ATM.  Amid fears over the strength of nearly every major currency, Abu Dhabi’s top hotel has come up with a new type of ATM for their most risk-averse guests. The Emirates Palace is giving those staying there the chance to withdraw gold from the world first ever gold dispenser.

The ATM monitors the daily price of gold and offers small gold bars that weigh up to 10 grams with customized designs. This could be just what those who stay in one of the world’s most expensive hotels will need as they watch the euro, yen and dollar jump around in volatile trade. Born out of an Idea of a German Entrepreneur, this seems appropriate at this time, considering Gold Prices are at their highest in years. Placed in the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi this Gold To Go ATM dispenses actual gold in the form of coins or bars up to 10 grams. Updated every ten minutes with the current gold conversion rates, this ultimate luxury ATM is everything you could ever ask for.

The ATM itself is made out of gold, which will more than likely make this ATM the most expensive in the world.

After Sharjah Blackouts, are Dubai and Abu Dhabi far behind ?

It is one of the biggest issues worldwide, electricity shortage. There are parts of India that have had these issues for a very long time. I remember Mangalore used to be without electricity for close to 8 – 10 hours a day. However, I have never really faced it here in Dubai, there was never a day without electricity. Oh wait there was this blackout in Jul 2005, I remember but for a few hours, caused a whole load of chaos. But otherwise there has not really been an issue with electricity.

Off late, Sharjah, the neighboring emirate to Dubai has had major issues with the blackouts, there have been major complaints from the residents that this blackout during the summer time is really bad. With the financial situation in the region and the country in general being difficult how is this going to effect Dubai and Abu Dhabi; the two biggest emirates with Sharjah. Dubai in general seems to be the place with the biggest issues out of the two.

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The most Technologically advanced Hotel in the world

Its not something that you hear of every day, Technologically advanced. But when my boss came up to me and asked me to work on a design for a hotel in Abu Dhabi, it was something that we wanted to make. Being in construction especially in the Middle east always involves trying to make the biggest, largest, most complex, most interesting structures and landmarks when it comes to facilities.  It is a part of working in the middle east I guess, and the word Dubai itself inspires wow into people. Getting back to the Hotel, the development of the most technologically advanced hotel in the world is something we were attempting, and definitely we had to check out the competition. Competition when it comes to exuberance and abundance comes only from one part of the world, Las Vegas. And it is there, we found our formidable opponent. The Aria Resort and Casino in Las Vegas to be precise. It is not yet in the list of the most famous hotels, but trust me you will hear it very soon.

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The Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi as Dubai watches

In the world of cars and car enthusiasts, the F work is definitely Ferrari, and to those fans who are not satisfied with the Ferrari branded caps, Hats, Sunglasses, Laptops, binoculars; there is a new offering, the World’s First Ferrari Branded Theme Park. Yes, this part of the world, everything is world first, biggest and tallest :) Set to open later this year this theme park is one of the places to visit for sure, and since its in its finishing stages its a good time to start looking into what to expect when we get there. The Ferrari Theme Park will be located on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi. Once opened, the attraction will provide family amusement featuring multi-format high tech theaters, a variety of sophisticated driving schools (for both children and adults), Ferrari automotive displays and participatory learning centers as well as food and entertainment.

Among the 24 attractions, the Park will offer a mix of high-octane and family rides with roller coasters jetting into the sky and dipping through the covered areas. At the heart of the park will be an advanced and sophisticated circuit offering driving courses, which was already featured in the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix that happened last year. According to the designers, not only will Ferrari World be the largest indoor theme park on Earth, but it will also house the fastest roller coaster. Speeds of ‘over 200km/h’ are promised, although it will have to breach the 217km/h set by the roller coaster at the Nurburgring before it can claim the top spot.

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