The window of the future is truly insane

Over the past few years Samsung has well and truly worked its way up to the top of the electronics Manufacturers market and with new innovations they seem to add in interesting and intriguing possibilities into the world of the future. This one well, is a bit over the top. However, having invested as much as they have in the past few years on Television screens, and just screens of every type, it seems like a natural progression that they will try to include screens anywhere and everywhere possible.

There’s a lot of buzz around the Samsung Transparent Smart Window, the full touch TFT (thin-film transistor) LCD display that turns any household window into a prop from Minority Report. The 46-inch, 1366×768 resolution display won the CES 2012 award for innovation and, from what we see in the demo below, it’s not hard to see why. A video from Samsung video gives a nice overview.

The device is really a transparent touchscreen LCD that can be fitted to any window, so long as it’s no longer than some 46 inches. Resolution is 1366 x 768 pixels, reportedly. During the day, illumination is provided from outside. At night, built-in lights kick in.

At first glance, the window, while cool, isn’t necessarily innovative: it just brings all the apps and widgets we’ve come to love to your window. But Samsung has included a few unique touches. My favorite is the “blinds” feature, where with the swipe of your finger, you can open and close virtual blinds that will actually blot out the light. A video report from MobileNations says that mass production will begin “in the coming months.” Samsung has indicated an intention to put the thing out by the end of the year. No word on price yet.

The window is considered to be working as a one sided glass when viewed from outside, making it like ordinary windows. Additionally, the window can also work as a screen for Augment Reality to see overlaid information on the outside world. So in what can be described as a double stroke, Samsung has not only opened another market for the screens they make but also have taken on the window covering world, from Blinds to Curtains.

Why ‘NFC’ will be the most important alphabets of this year

NFC, or Near Field communication is burning hot this year. Another technology centered around the Mobile Phone like Augmented Reality. Unfortunately Augmented Reality has not yet completely taken off, but NFC on the other hand is driven by money and so will definitely do well in the coming year. It is an old idea that started off with contact less smart cards, and is now adapted into the mobile. Some time back I had shown Apple patent application for the introduction in the next generation iPhone, but while Apple was still working on the paperwork, Google has rolled the technology (although half baked) into the Nexus S, the new flagship phone of Google made by Samsung.

But why is NFC going to be big ? Everyone in technology usually dreams of technology getting unified and ubiquitous where certain aspects of our lives will be completely supported through technology in a completely integrated form. We already use a whole load of technologies like them, the credit card is an excellent example. The problem with the credit cards are how successful the cards have become. Every small agency and company now wants us to carry a card with their loyalty program running with them, like you Gym, airline, favorite restaurant etc etc. But I feel there are one too many on the front of cards.

What is the solution ? smash the cards into one. It would be even better is this card would be easily accessible and programmable to be whatever card you want it to be when you need it to, something like this was demoed by Microsoft in their video for the future of technology.

Its time this technology starts getting into main stream with many different application and service providers. Companies and services are utilizing this new technology as a dedicated app on phones. Did I say phones ?? yes I did, the new Near Field communication chip is now into mobile phones, Google has already launched the chip into the phone.

Phone might be not the best place to keep it, this according to many people all over. Main issue being what if the phone is lost ? Phones get lost at all times, and so do wallets. What do people do when something like that happens ?? They find a way out.

Not only is the Nexus S the mobile with this included, if the rumor mills are to be believed then Blackberry and iPhone are next. All in all its a good start for the year, and tell you what its not the last you are going to hear of it.

Save the Tiger – Augmented Reality Campaign

One of the most fascinating and magnificent cats of all of the animal kingdom is the Tiger. However, we all know that this beautiful beast is on the verge of getting pushed into the extremely endangered species list. Tigers world wide are facing precarious conditions when it come to basic survival. In this effect it was quite apt when NDTV and Aircel in India launched an awesome campaign to try and save the tiger. We have gone down to only 1411 tigers in the country and no amount of campaigns and public support is enough to bring this species back.

What was even more saddening was a friend of mine had an opportunity to visit a home of someone high up the social ladder in UAE; the person was also a UAE national who had immense wealth.  Interestingly, the person had along with his collection of gazillion expensive cars, and other collectibles; Indian Tigers, both white and the normal ones, a few lions, some hippos and even some alligators. My first reaction was this is depressing, then I thought that they are at least keeping these beasts safe. My next reaction was also that of depression thinking what has the world come to, if tigers need to be caged in other countries to keep them safe from us. Not to mention that its really utterly and completely wrong.

I started looking at the campaigns of “Save the Tiger” and although there has been a lot of progress with a lot of people signing up to getting up  and doing something for the campaign, it was imperative that the feeling of loosing these tigers be bought to the foreground. They worked on amazing commercials which were aired on TV, but still had that one element missing. The efforts need to be absolutely increased, these ads are just not enough. Have a look at some of them here below :

So after the campaign in India, I thought it might be worthwhile checking out the other efforts. And I stumbled on the second campaign this time with the cousin of the Indian Tiger, the Siberian Tiger. The campaign of the Siberian Tiger went to technology to be able to achieve the punch factor in the campaigns, not only have they made the campaign interesting but also really powerful, with the power of guerrilla marketing. And we all know how good the guerrilla marketing techniques work.

Trying to make a point, the WWF Tiger T-Shirt shows what it is to be hunted down by poachers like the Siberian tiger. Incredibly graphic, it relies on an augmented reality to show you what it would be like to be shot. Reaching to Augmented Reality to achieve the effect, the campaigners provided T-Shirts to a lot of people which triggerd a shooting animation (complete with blood) when worn in front of a special mirror.  The campaign was launched with collaboration of WWF and Check out the website at

I think we need to start looking at bringing this campaign to India.

Why I think 3D TV’s might never work

and a few reasons why I might be wrong

While I was browsing the Internet I found this giant 3D TV screen from LG, and 84 Inch ultra high definition TV with a jaw dropping resolution of 3,840 x 2,160, LG have just launched their 55 and 47 inch displays as well, but this is the mother ship of all 3D displays. Still the adoption of the 3D TV Screens into the homes has been rather slow. The industry seems to be trying to push the technology on all of us, but is the content really there or do people really want it ? these are questions that might need investigation by the companies that are introducing them.

3D is apparently the USP by all the companies pushing the technology but will it really make an impact in the consumers home? Almost every major TV maker including Sony, LG, Panasonic and Mitsubishi showed big screen 3-D TVs at the Consumer Electronics Show this year. Even content providers such as ESPN, DirecTV and Discovery have promised 3-D channels that will begin broadcasting in 2011. Before you start saving for your 84 inch 3D display, Here are a few reasons why I think that that should really consider just getting a large HDTV screen

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The Wii, Move and Kinetic making your living room a playground

It was the year 2006, and the gaming industry was in the grasp of the PlayStation and Xbox along with the PC, but Gaming on these devices was not for everyone and the games were getting really monotonous with similar themes and functions, then came the Wii, Nintendo’s answer to Sony’s PlayStation and the Microsoft Xbox, the Wii bought with it the controller that could very well define the next stage in man machine interface for gaming. The simplicity of using a controller to interact physically with your TV was something that even newbie gamers could not resist. The success of the Wii is not only clear from the sales but also in the fact that the 2 biggest competitors in Sony and Microsoft decided to give a shot to their own versions of the Wii Controllers.

If it was Apple, they would have patented the control technique and not let competition, rather Nintendo fuelled competition by letting their competitors come up with alternate versions as they perfected and improved on the controller and the games and offering for the Wii Console. Starting from tennis, boxing, to fitness application with the Wii Fit, Nintendo has changed the ‘fat boy’ look of the traditional gamer into a normal person who likes any sort of physical activity. This in itself is a feat matching no other. The Control adopted in the gesture controllers might be taken a step ahead based on what Intel is trying to achieve, with the new remote controller for the TV. But, before we go there, here is a small preview of the 3 gesture controllers available in the market today.

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The magic of Projection Mapping at the Jai Ho Concert

One of the first Oscars for the Country came to A.R Rahman, and it was more than welcomed by the people of India, more ironically his millions of fans and followers in India did not get a chance to see his masterpiece concert “Jai Ho : The Journey Home World tour” which was on in the US, until there was a problem when a part of the set collapsed damaging the kit. But the question to ask is this, what set was broken and could not be repaired to such an extent that the show was completely put off until the rig is fixed ? Well its the awesome new world of projection mapping.

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Now control your computer just with thought

If there is one technology that I am backing really hard for the future it is Augmented Reality, and with Augmented Reality there is a host of applications that are available today in the market. Well one of the break off technologies from the emergence and popularity of such applications is definitely going to be input interfaces. Gesture based inputs like Minority report are being trialled at the moment but we can safely assume that with the advancements that are happening with Mind Control technologies, that would be the next big thing. What do I mean by Mind Control ? Well the human brain receives and sends signals based on electrical signals that it receives through the nervous system. If we could tap into that resource then we would be able to pick up the thoughts of the person and have actions based on it. René Descartes said “I think therefore I am”, this use of technology will take that quote much further.

Thus was the theory so far. Doctors and Scientists have been working on EEG to check brain patterns of the subjects, to know if they are thinking straight or have any mental disorders. But now another set of Engineers and Scientists have worked out headsets that can read brain input and preform functions on computers. The Brain activity being the basis of input, this would enhance the experience of gaming, doing mundane tasks on the computer. Imagine having to shoot that game bot faster than your hands to respond, or tweet about your latest thought without having to type it out. Well here is a look at what is available today :

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Tech from the future helps us go to the past

Augmented Reality, remember those two words as this technology is going to be everywhere in the future. The applications of this technology are really astounding and something that can really overwhelm you with information at times and also amaze you every so often. Today’s application is something that will amaze you for sure. Today’s application comes from the Museum of London who have decided that in order to experience the history of London, you really have to walk around and look at it, quite literally. They have come up with an iPhone App that will for sure make your journey within London, memorable to say the least. The app overlays four hundred years of historic images on today’s city streets.

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The most Technologically advanced Hotel in the world

Its not something that you hear of every day, Technologically advanced. But when my boss came up to me and asked me to work on a design for a hotel in Abu Dhabi, it was something that we wanted to make. Being in construction especially in the Middle east always involves trying to make the biggest, largest, most complex, most interesting structures and landmarks when it comes to facilities.  It is a part of working in the middle east I guess, and the word Dubai itself inspires wow into people. Getting back to the Hotel, the development of the most technologically advanced hotel in the world is something we were attempting, and definitely we had to check out the competition. Competition when it comes to exuberance and abundance comes only from one part of the world, Las Vegas. And it is there, we found our formidable opponent. The Aria Resort and Casino in Las Vegas to be precise. It is not yet in the list of the most famous hotels, but trust me you will hear it very soon.

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6 Innovative Apple Patents on road to making our gadgets WOW

One of the most innovative companies in the world in the past couple of years has been Apple, well Google is more innovative, but Apple has completely taken over the Smart Mobile Phone by storm. To protest its dominance, Apple has a host of patents to its name, and rifling through them can offer some fascinating insights into the potential future of technology and the possibilities that are open to the company as it executes its vision for the future convergence culture. I’ve taken a look at some of the most recently published Apple patents and chosen six of the most exciting according to me, to tell you all about.

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Life in 2020 by Forbes, Augmented Reality

At the end of last year, Forbes magazine asked frog design to help them envision the future in 2020. In December, they held a workshop in San Francisco that brought designers, futurists and journalists together to think about the current state of computing, how we might experience it 10 years from now and, perhaps most importantly, how we might make the transition into these possible futures. Take a guess at what technology was at the center of their vision, Augmented Reality.

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10 Technologies that will change the world in 2010

Of course technology is the  field that can be described in one word ‘Change’, without it innovations and new inventions in all the various fields of the world nothing would have evolved. From the wheel to the automobile, from fire to solar energy all aspects of our lives have been engulfed and enriched by this change in technology. So naturally like everyone who wants to have a good look at the future to be prepared, I want to check out the future technologies early so that I can adapt easily into the change and grow with it.

Well this is a bit late as most websites actually did this during the new year. In fact, I was resisting the urge to put up a list like this and at that time thought that it was not something I wanted to be covering, as nearly everyone else does it. However when MIT the cradle of innovation and technology brings out a list, it is something we should talk about. I wanted to just add in their list here for the benefit of the readers of my blog. So well here is the list from MIT Technology Review, reordered in the my list of importance, Green Concrete, Solar Fuels, Engineered Stem Cells, Light Tapping Photovoltaics, Implantable Electronics, Dual Action Antibodies, Cloud Programming, Social TV, Mobile 3D and Real Time Search are all in the list, lets see them in detail.

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