The future of Automobile is Autonomous

Faultless driving stunts are not normally associated with computers and autonomous vehicles, well these videos that were just forwarded to me completely changed my mind about these autonomous car concepts. Like the car in iRobot where Will Smith drives his Audi or rather the Audi drives Will Smith, the dream of engineers is to come up with autonomous cars that can safely drive their residents around. Imagine using the GPS to not get lost, clean energy technology like compressed air technologies for perpetual fuel (or … sort of) with no accidents and the best possible route for efficiency and saving on time.

In my recent post about cars being smarter that you, I highlighted how computers in cars are getting really sophisticated and also improving in their decision making skills. Computers will eventually out-drive, out-think and out-perform humans on every level and this clip of autonomous supervehicle Stanley shows that out-driving us all will be sooner rather than later.

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New Invention for Sleep at Airports

The airport Industry is considered the peak in commercial automation in terms of the technologies in use, of course there is Industrial Automation, Military Automation as the other parts or you could say peaks. But in Commercial Automation, working on an Airport is like working on a Spacecraft. The airports often throw up technologies and or gadgets that may in fact one day move into daily life a few examples of these would be travelators, escalators, and image recognition through security cameras etc. I am working on the Dubai Airport expansion project and recently came across this interesting little device from the consultants who have designed the Dubai Airport, Airport De Paris International (ADPi) that they have installed in the Paris Airport as a sample.

Sleep Machines, that allow people to sleep or rest while they wait for flights these seem like amazing machines. It looks just right, the perfect place to catch up on your sleep between long flights. We like its clever design, with sheets that are automatically changed by winding from one roller to another, just like a conveyor belt. Each Sleep Box is decked out with an LCD display, Wi-Fi, a place to stash your luggage, and plenty of sockets for charging up your laptop and cell phone. Sure beats sleeping in a chair. Check out the pictures of the same here below and also the video below.