Mobile Number Portability a great Idea !

Hey, not that I have many options to shift mobile phone network providers, UAE, has a sort of semi monopoly in the Mobile Phone providers market. You can choose between Etisalat and Du and thats about it. But in India with 17 providers, the number of  options you have on selecting networks is unbelievable. It makes sense for the operators to have a common platform for the users to pick out of (Obviously they are running out of numbers to give out to customers).

So after a lot of deliberation, discussions and decisions, Mobile Number Portability is now live and for us to use. When I say its live, its gonna be live from 20th January 2010. The major mobile phone operators are advertising this feature really a lot. Some of the ads that impressed are here

So well how do you go about doing the change, here it is, It costs Rs 19 for the change anyway:

So are you interested to make the change ? Let us know

The Wii, Move and Kinetic making your living room a playground

It was the year 2006, and the gaming industry was in the grasp of the PlayStation and Xbox along with the PC, but Gaming on these devices was not for everyone and the games were getting really monotonous with similar themes and functions, then came the Wii, Nintendo’s answer to Sony’s PlayStation and the Microsoft Xbox, the Wii bought with it the controller that could very well define the next stage in man machine interface for gaming. The simplicity of using a controller to interact physically with your TV was something that even newbie gamers could not resist. The success of the Wii is not only clear from the sales but also in the fact that the 2 biggest competitors in Sony and Microsoft decided to give a shot to their own versions of the Wii Controllers.

If it was Apple, they would have patented the control technique and not let competition, rather Nintendo fuelled competition by letting their competitors come up with alternate versions as they perfected and improved on the controller and the games and offering for the Wii Console. Starting from tennis, boxing, to fitness application with the Wii Fit, Nintendo has changed the ‘fat boy’ look of the traditional gamer into a normal person who likes any sort of physical activity. This in itself is a feat matching no other. The Control adopted in the gesture controllers might be taken a step ahead based on what Intel is trying to achieve, with the new remote controller for the TV. But, before we go there, here is a small preview of the 3 gesture controllers available in the market today.

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Chrome the most secure browser .. Yet !

It is true the Google Brower is the most secure not because it is the safest but more because no one wants to break into it. Only one major browser remained standing at the end of the Pwn2Own 2010 contest at this year’s CanSecWest security conference in Vancouver, the rest fell with relative ease. On the operating table were the latest versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Apple Safari – but which one lived to tell the tale? Take a guess :)

For the fourth time, the Zero Day Initiative sent out invites to security specialists around the globe to head to Vancouver towards the end of March and go head to head with the market-leading web browsers that dare to call themselves secure. The object of the contest was simple enough, exploit security holes and break in. The winners walk away with the hardware on which the exploit was successful, hence the competition title, and a share of US$100,000 prize money. For the losers, the walk of shame.

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