Wordless Thursday – A Guide to Buying your own Island

This week’s Wordless Thursday is a guide to buying your own island ! World Islands anyone ??

WATCH out, you might not be able to tell the time

A watch is something that most of us wear, and ever since mobiles have been included into our lifestyles, people use the phone to check on time, this means that the number of watches in the market has been reducing. So well Japanese watch company TokyoFlash, have taken on the role of reviving the humble watch, by converting it into Art. Not only art, the time pieces are so unique that the first time that I saw one of these, I thought really what was the designer thinking ??

The above watch is simply something that will keep the person looking and trying to read the time, however only if you know how to read it, you will be able to. Read on to see how you can check out time on that one ?

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A new system to get onto Aircrafts

If the skylift as it is called, become famous, it might mean the end of the airport bridge, and dramatic movie endings where heroes run on the bridge, to meet the lady of their love. I did’t really like those melodramatic scenes anyway. The problem with Airports and Airlines in trying to provide a similar service across different destinations is that they usually have better service at their Hub Airport and might not have the same facilities across various different airports. An example of that being Emirates, with them providing air bridge facilities across Dubai, where as in lesser packed Indian Airports they need to bus people in and get them to climb the aircraft.

In order to provide unified service and even in terms of ergonomics of airplanes and the trips that people take just to get on an aircraft, even if it seems that right now its not required, there is a huge change that is required. That change could be provided by SkyLift.

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Wordless Thursday – Fine Tuning the Football

Keeping up with the Football fever with just 2 days to go before the Finals, here is a look at how the ball is shaped.


Iron Man 2 a glimpse into the future of gadgets ?

Movies have been trying to glimpse into the future of how our gadgets look like for a long time now, the most famous of them being Minority Report, terminator series and scores of other more. Unfortunately after Avatar, its been a while since someone attempted the same, but then like a hero coming to save the world on time, comes Iron Man 2. Worked on by Perception studios Iron Man 2 showcases some of the technologies that might already be in the making or drawing boards work wide with various manufacturers. Starting with the Multi Touch transparent displays, gestural computing while he is engineering, Google searching (compleately revisioned) and other effects make this movie a must go an see just to take a glimpse into the future of gadgets.

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