Another set of Extremes in Dubai

I have said this before and will not think twice to say it again. Dubai is a city of extremes, on one hand you have the rich boys with their so called toys (Lamborghinis and Ferraris) and on the other hand you have people struggling for their daily meals, the mass of construction laborers. Similar examples roam all around me in this city which has been my second home for a while now. And in this land of extremes I have another example of extremes this time with environment impact. Let’s start with the worst one first:

Dubai Plans to refrigerate a Beach

Yes you read that right ! Dubai is planning to Refrigerate an entire beach, of course it’s for those rich spoilt brats who are ignorant of the fact that slippers and flip flops had been invented over a couple of hundred years back. Anyway, it’s when things like these happen that I begin to think that the guys here making the decisions are living in a bubble outside of what’s happening in the world. Climate Change, Impact to the environment are concepts here that people like talking about but not really implementing.

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