Some Dubai Maps that you can use

One of the irritating facts about maps is the fact that it is difficult to actually locate a place of importance. We have been planning a small vacation and every time we look at a map, especially on Google Maps, it does show the location of places and definitely helps in finding out routes if you know where you are going. Now if you don’t really know where you are going and just want to discover things, Google maps by itself is not very handy. But the community has woken up to fill in the gap, people have started using Google Map Maker to make special maps of places of interest and the sort. Here are some Maps for Dubai

Dubai Consulates

View Dubai consulates in a larger map

Map of parks in the UAE

View Parks in the UAE in a larger map

Maps of UAE Shopping Malls

View UAE Shopping Malls in a larger map

Map of Golf Courses in Dubai

View Golf courses in the UAE in a larger map

Map of Museums in Dubai

View Museums in the UAE in a larger map

UAE rain flood hotspots

View UAE rain hotspots in a larger map

Hope the above maps are useful, Please let me know of more that you can think of.