Disposable email address ?? With 5 examples

Yes, you heard that right. A disposable Email address, is an address that you can use for just some time when you need and where you do not need to give in your real email address cos you suspect that you will start receiving spam emails. Why do you need one, well if you are online as much as I am, or even otherwise, there are times when you are tempted with that Whitepaper, or a cool tool that you can use for free and you need to enter your email address to actually get it. Most of the times, you end up with spam. Even if it means newsletters, even companies like IBM/GE and the guys also send out constant emails about their achievements and monthly newsletters and such.

So whats the best way to get the both of worlds ? Get a disposable email address, its like an imaginary email address which can be used only for that activation link or that confirmation number or that whitepaper you need but not really want to risk giving away your number. These temporary email addresses, spare our real email address from spam messages and unwanted invites. So, here are some great disposable email providers that you can use it from anybody who wants to invade your privacy.

In all these five services, all you need to do is, just randomly pick one username and check your inboxes. It can help you to reduce spam messages from your inbox. I think no need of explaining all these services, because every thing is more or less same. Mainly It doesn’t require sign up and/or registration.



Mint Email

10 Minute Email

My Trash Email

Please try and make use of these services to get your next disposable address so that you can avoid spam emails in your inbox.