Disposable email address ?? With 5 examples

Yes, you heard that right. A disposable Email address, is an address that you can use for just some time when you need and where you do not need to give in your real email address cos you suspect that you will start receiving spam emails. Why do you need one, well if you are online as much as I am, or even otherwise, there are times when you are tempted with that Whitepaper, or a cool tool that you can use for free and you need to enter your email address to actually get it. Most of the times, you end up with spam. Even if it means newsletters, even companies like IBM/GE and the guys also send out constant emails about their achievements and monthly newsletters and such.

So whats the best way to get the both of worlds ? Get a disposable email address, its like an imaginary email address which can be used only for that activation link or that confirmation number or that whitepaper you need but not really want to risk giving away your number. These temporary email addresses, spare our real email address from spam messages and unwanted invites. So, here are some great disposable email providers that you can use it from anybody who wants to invade your privacy.

In all these five services, all you need to do is, just randomly pick one username and check your inboxes. It can help you to reduce spam messages from your inbox. I think no need of explaining all these services, because every thing is more or less same. Mainly It doesn’t require sign up and/or registration.



Mint Email

10 Minute Email

My Trash Email

Please try and make use of these services to get your next disposable address so that you can avoid spam emails in your inbox.

Email Scams and loss of personal email

On April 13, I received an email from someone close to me, a relative and the contents of the email shocked me at first and then got me thinking, here is the contents of the email.

Subject : My Predicament


How are you today? I am writing to ask a favor from you. I traveled to United Kingdom for a Conference which i got myself stuck. I was robbed at a gun point yesterday and the robber’s took all my money and some document. I’m confused and worried over here, Please can you loan me some money, i promise to refund it back when i get home. I need $1,800 (One Thousand Eight Hundred Dollars) to settle my bills and buy a flight ticket to go back home.I will appreciate any amount you can quickly arrange and send to me via Western Union Money Transfer, please let me know if you can help me out of my predicament, I will check my e-mail again to read from you.

Thanks and Regards,


Interestingly, this person actually traveled around the world and this email made it even more convincing.  However, the first thing that I did was to call him and check. I knew that I would know if this person had left the country. Anyway, when I called him, he mentioned that he had been receiving calls all morning and this is something that he was puzzled about. As soon as he received the email, he turned around to check his email and could not find any email and actually got logged off a bit later. Secondly he was stuck with trying to log back in.

I tried replying to the email and here is the transcript of the conversation with the hackers:

Me :

“……. …  this would be a problem I think someone has hacked your email.”

Hacker :

” This is true and i need your help.”

Me :

“Ok I will help, please forward the details “

Hacker :

“Thanks for your mail, I will be very glad with your help on my situation. Please kindly transfer the money via Western Union MoneyTransfer to my details below.

NAME:        XXXXX

Let me know once you send the money and get back to me with the necessary details that will be given to you at the western union outlet.”

Unfortunately he used this email for his personal as well as professional use. It was a Yahoo ID. The infiltrators had gained entry to his email and managed to send emails out to certain people within the address book. This incident is something of a life changer for the person. He had all his contacts previous emails and a lot of personal information being under this ID for over 5 years were in that Id store.

We tried writing to Yahoo about the same as well as trying to provide evidence that the ID is ours. and by this hoped that yahoo would restore the account to us. But all in vain. Yahoo said that they can block off the email so that no one accesses it, but cannot restore the email.

Just after the incident I read in the news that M K Shankarlinge Gowda, Secretary, State Transport department of Karnataka also had a similar instance and has filed a complaint with the cyber police in Bangalore. Now after the Official of the State transport department, it is the turn of the Chief Minister of Karnataka; NDTV reports

Identifying himself as Dr Srinivas Reddy, a senior government officer from Andhra Pradesh, a mysterious e-mailer sought information from a top IAS officer and even despatched e-mails to the Karnataka Chief Minister P S Yeddyurappa.

Now, senior Indian personnel seem to be getting the target of such attacks of phishing. This got me thinking that its not an issue of Hotmail / Yahoo or Gmail, but someone getting hold of your email seems like a possibility to anyone. The greatest issue with something like that happening is, since all of these web based email use cloud storage, getting access back to the emails is not only an issue but also something of an impossibility with the rules around these issues. After this incident I think the main thing you will loose is not the fact that your email id is now gone; but years of email and data that is accrued in the original email address. For most people the first email Id is the one that they are still using. I guess this is why it might be a better way to get your email and contacts backed up on your local machine.

Is it better to get a desktop based email using POP or is cloud computing still relevant ? what do you guys think ? In the mean time I am writing a post on how to avoid email phishing alerts.

Everyone is an expert …

We all have our little areas of specialty. My sister can tell you all about public speaking. My very good friend can yap at you for hours about project management. I can make computers do stuff and find sort of interesting information online. Specialties, you see. You probably have one or two of these yourself, isn’t it ?

[picapp align=”none” wrap=”false” link=”term=email&iid=252471″ src=”0249/f4939e4e-c31e-4056-a2df-6af82c372639.jpg?adImageId=10794193&imageId=252471″ width=”500″ height=”337″ /]

A popular idea exists among engineers that we call the DRY principle, which stands for Don’t Repeat Yourself. When we’re implementing a piece of functionality in one place and then find that we need the same piece of functionality in another place within the engineering we are trying to achieve, the best practice is to draw it once and make it accessible to the entire site engineers. There are several reasons this is a good idea, but the big two are that the more times you do the some thing, the more likely you are to make a mistake and engineering the same thing twice is a waste of time and effort. Same is true with email. I can’t count the number of occasions I’ve described the difference between Interfacing and Integration to coworkers and curious barroom chums. My IT Friend has been asked about fixing computers, many times. Part of being an “expert” is sharing that knowledge with other people, right?

[picapp align=”none” wrap=”false” link=”term=email&iid=5265692″ src=”a/1/4/c/Computer_keyboard_keys_1d5e.jpg?adImageId=10794209&imageId=5265692″ width=”500″ height=”332″ /]

So why in the hell do we keep writing the same 4-paragraph email to every joker who asks us about our specialty? If there were ever a case for having a blog, this would be it in my opinion – a place where you can write out those long-winded essays about the best way to make sheer kourma or draw a perfect circle or even whats the easiest way to learn excel. Whatever your particular flavor of knowledge happens to be, surely there are more people that are interested in it than the one dude to whom you just spent the last hour composing the email in question.

So, try this out. Next time you’re tapping out 2 single-spaced pages to your Aunt describing how to set up her mobile for some function, consider emailing it to something like Posterous instead; then, fire Aunt Gertrude a link to the page. Now, not only will your Aunt have all the related knowledge her head can tolerate, Google will probably stop by and maybe send some other interested parties your way. And the next time somebody hits you up about it, you need only send them a link to that thing you already wrote instead of retyping the same email all over again!

With the amount of knowledge that exists among those still running around this planet and the amount of email that gets routed around the world every single day, I’m guessing that we could all take advantage of this at least occasionally. If you do it, I’d love to hear about it and maybe grab a nugget or two of whatever speciality is kicking around in your head!