Wordless Thursday – Small things, Large Impact

Back again this week with Wordless Thursday, the feature that posts interesting infographics, which you guys love so much. Introducing this week’s Infographic is a pleasure to me, this is because I know and believe that these small things do really cause a large environmental impact. And with the environmental impact being positive we can hopefully offset some of the harming activities that we all so normally ignore. Like they say every watt saved, is a watt generated. Add to it the financial impact.

Power from you to your gadgets

One of the most important thing that plagues the new society is gadgets of all shapes and sizes. Gadgets, that well require juice in their batteries to work. The problem with batteries would be that charging the batteries would still take some power from the grid. Now if it was the matrix, we could plug our bodies that generate 250 Btu/Hr (while sleeping and 400 Btu/Hr when awake), and convert that to energy to get rid of our dependence from the grid power. Unfortunately, we are not in the matrix and currently most of us still are plugged into the grid to power our devices.

The next revolution in electronics and personal computing would definitely come by with devices that are going to be powered out of something as simple as solar cells on our body, like the helmet that two Indian Engineering students came up with, or using the body heat that we generate or just using kinetic energy that we produce by moving, like the Eco Drive watch range form Citizen which is now getting duplicated by mostly all manufacturers.

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Indian Innovation for Charging Phones

We Indians are usually not knows for Innovation, but the culture is changing. Or should I say the mindset of people going from I need a good job to I need to start something of my own is coming in. And the basis of this seems to be innovation. People are beginning to think on why there is the need to develop stuff for other companies when you can make it as your own. In a case where this concept is getting more obvious, I would like to showcase some scenarios where Indian Innovators have come up with solutions for the country made by people in the country, which of course is a recipe for success.

In our journey we will start with Mobile Chargers, one of the biggest woes these days when it comes to mobile phones is the fact the batteries do not last. And Batteries not lasting is a even more of an issue in developing countries as there might be no electricity to charge them back on. Well lo and behold, these innovations will help.

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One of a kind Museum in India

India is waking up to the world, to the possibilities that technology and education would provide. Education especially Engineering and technical education has been completely revamped and there are excess of these institutes, but maybe not quality ones. Anyway, the focus has to be not only provide education, but also awareness. The Vishweshwaraiah Technological Museum in Bangalore was built as an effort to show the same, as a tribute to one of the greatest Engineering Minds in India Sir. M. Vishweshwaraiah, whose vision it was to make technology accessible and understandable to the common man.

Image by Yeskarthi

The museum not only provided a great opportunity to see the theoretical applications mentioned in the engineering books, Practically. And the understanding one would gain from such a museum is tremendous.  This was where for the first time I got to see physically concepts like Home Automation, weight of a person on different planets and how gravity affects it. Things that are sometimes a little hard to understand for the common man. However, it is sad that teh museum has faced a lot of negligence and very little maintenance making it a 50% working museum. Gujrat is now getting another museum.

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10 Technologies that will change the world in 2010

Of course technology is the  field that can be described in one word ‘Change’, without it innovations and new inventions in all the various fields of the world nothing would have evolved. From the wheel to the automobile, from fire to solar energy all aspects of our lives have been engulfed and enriched by this change in technology. So naturally like everyone who wants to have a good look at the future to be prepared, I want to check out the future technologies early so that I can adapt easily into the change and grow with it.

Well this is a bit late as most websites actually did this during the new year. In fact, I was resisting the urge to put up a list like this and at that time thought that it was not something I wanted to be covering, as nearly everyone else does it. However when MIT the cradle of innovation and technology brings out a list, it is something we should talk about. I wanted to just add in their list here for the benefit of the readers of my blog. So well here is the list from MIT Technology Review, reordered in the my list of importance, Green Concrete, Solar Fuels, Engineered Stem Cells, Light Tapping Photovoltaics, Implantable Electronics, Dual Action Antibodies, Cloud Programming, Social TV, Mobile 3D and Real Time Search are all in the list, lets see them in detail.

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