The fate of your gadgets when you dispose them

Considering that the Cell Phone, computer, Television, radio etc have been around for over a decade, it’s no surprise that a lot of people in the developed countries actually have gone through more than one of these gadgets. In countries like India, the older electronics either go as hand me downs to your relative or are sold off to someone else looking for them for cheap. However, eventually they end up somewhere in the dump. In more economically advanced countries, the cycle from being a new gadget to the dump is fairly quick. And this is something that is becoming a growing concern for countries.

For the west it seems to be an issue with trying to properly dispose off of these gadgets, for the east the issue seems to be straight off something of managing the garbage of the east. Meaning, the west is transporting all their electronic waste to countries like India and China. The new addition to these seem to be Africa. Africa is fast growing as the dump site of the world, where cars, electronics or any unusable goods seem to be going to. Why is this such a big problem ? You have to see it for yourself. In today’s Post I want to highlight the problems that people in these countries are facing mainly India / China and many in Africa like Ghana.

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