4 new Gadgets for our everyday lives (kitchens)

Most gadgets aim for that cool factor in our lives and try to replace something thats already there. Be it your new phone or your new laptop. But most innovations seem to be circling around the devices that allow us to communicate, connect and entertain. However, the beginning of gadgets in general used to be panned around making things easy with our way of life, like the heater, the fridge, the microwave etc.

Innovations in that field these days seem far apart and few in between. To allow engineers and innovators to re look at our lives and find what can improve the general quality of life Electrolux organizes an annual event where they give innovators to come up with unique gadgets for just that. At the end of the contest 4 gadgets are chosen to be worked upon by Electrolux. These are the finalists from this year.

1. External Refrigerator

2. Dismount Washer (On wall washing machine)

3.Big Robot Refrigerator

4. Eco Cleaner

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