Facebook Mistakes – Privacy Settings

Once again, the talk of Facebook and privacy on this blog. I am certain that a lot of us have not really looked into the Facebook Privacy settings closely and for the benefit of the guys reading this blog as well as following the updates on Facebook / Twitter and Buzz, this would hopefully serve as a guide of what you might need to do.

First things first, Facebook is really a huge website, and here I am not talking about the number of people or the functionality that it provides for the sake of connecting and interacting with friends and customers. I am talking about the number of options that are available for an individual using the site. The privacy settings for example is quite a few levels deep as you would probably discover today. Like I mentioned its not the first time I have spoken about the privacy settings on Facebook, some of the previous posts are here :

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So here goes this edition of the privacy settings on Facebook. So, well lets get to the various parts where you can actually let out more information than required.

Sharing on Facebook

Controlling how you share content is important, although the settings are a bit complex it is a process that one would need to go through. There are options to share provided by Facebook, Friends, Friends of Friends or Everyone.

Where : Account > Privacy Settings > Sharing on Facebook

Don’t forget to preview settings to ensure someone else would see your profile.

Connecting on Facebook

I am not sure you know that you can control who are the people that can get in touch with you, I mean who can add you as friends like Friends of Friends, Everyone etc. You can control can someone just search for your name on Facebook, and add you or send you a message ?

There is a downside to it though if you set your settings too strict around here, you might just be not findable on Facebook.

Where : Account > Privacy Settings > Connecting on Facebook

Facebook Applications

As useful as they are and as much functionality they provide, rechecking and resetting the privacy settings for Facebook apps is something that all of us do need to do. This is where the most of the Information can be stolen about you. In fact the applications usually ask for many settings they can get access into. It is highly probable that you have not reviewed these settings and very well need to.

Like computer maintenance, it is good practice to remove all of the applications that you don’t use as a Facebook Maintenance exercise.

Where : Account > Privacy Settings > Apps and Websites > Apps You Use

Instant Personalization

Instant personalization is a feature that Facebook had introduced a while back, its really for the websites to use as much information about you available to personalize your experience at the site. However, this might be a big issue as the websites will have a lot more information about you than required. With a pretext of enhancing experience, they could misuse the information about you.

You could opt out at websites who use this feature by simply saying “no Thanks” or even ensure that all the sites loose access by unchecking the option here.

Where : Account > Privacy Settings > Apps and Websites > Instant Personalization

Information to Friends

We add a lot more friends than actual “friends’ in real life, on Facebook. Actually they should be called “Acquaintances” and not friends really. Regardless, they have a lot of information about you through Facebook, your relationship status, health status, and recent outings, likes dislikes etc. You might want to hide some information from all the people you add, the real world “friends” would already know your birthday, phone number and you dont need to add it on Facebook.

You should select how much information you want to share about your personal self.

Account > Privacy Settings > Apps and Websites > Info accessible through your friends

Web Searches

Internet search results are really things that are getting deeper and deeper. Eventually soon we need to appear in them as well as protect from how much about us is displayed in them. And you can check that here too. Go and check in public search if you will be shown as a result.

Where : Account > Privacy Settings > Apps and Websites > Public Search

HTTPS connection to browse Facebook

Where : Account > Account Settings > Account Security > Secure Browsing (HTTPS)