Switched to the new Facebook Profile, make it Awesome

A while back I used to see these articles of people complaining about how Facebook is changing all the time and that there is a learning curve every few months. Facebook has held back for a while and now has completely revamped the look and feel to make it well different again. So all those people who are complaining that this is changed and the changes are major, well wait for it there is more. Facebook is also now launching the email / messaging / sms manager feature to all, where we all are going to get a Facebook email account.

Ok there is no choice but to upgrade, but how can you now make your new profile awesome ?? Well Ask Alexandre Oudin, who has taken this change and turned it into a very interesting feature. Spanning images over the profile giving it that oomph factor.  Of course I will not hope you guys guess how it looks, I will add in picture examples. Not only of people who have done it, but also for you if you want to do it to your profile. (Oh grow up). Lets look at the examples first.

1. Alexander Oudin

2. Nir Refuah

3. Jason Keiter

4. John Robert

5. Jayden Tan

Interesting, isint it. The craze started by the french artist Oudin has now gone global. In fact there are many websites that have started providing you with really easy tools to achieve this effect. Knowing the eagerness to use this feature you can try any of the sites below.

Full Page Pic

The  FullPagePic website by vindimy was probably one of the first to automate the Facebook photo hack process and about 30,000 people have used the slice ‘n dice service so far. It takes your JPG, PNG or GIF image and spits out a zipfile with the separated parts. So much for the automatic part. Once you’ve uploaded and tagged the 5 photostream images and set the new profile picture, vindimy wants you to delete your bio text too because the FullPagePic service was optimized for zero-line biographies. Removing the education, work and location information might be a bridge too far for some of you.

» Go to FullPagePic.

Pic Scatter

Pic Scatter by Till Haunschild is powered by the advertising agency McCann Erickson Munich… and it shows! As soon as you’ve uploaded your image, you can zoom in and out, drag it around and tell it how many lines of bio (“info-text”) you have. This last option can help you see if it’d be better to add or remove a bio line to optimize the photo hack effect. When you’re finished, you can download the individual image files in a compressed archive (pic_scatter.zip) or publish them instantly to Facebook. All you have to do is set the Profile Picture and your profile hack is complete. There’s a little “Made with picscatter.com” banner at the bottom of your profile picture, but hey, it’s a free app and at least it’s not a big brand advertising on your profile… yet! :)

» Go to PicScatter.

Facebook Profile Picture Generator

Upload your picture to ProfileGen.com and select how many “rows of data” you have in your bio (we’re only missing an option for 0 lines here). According to the clear instructions on the site, you then have to right-click and save all 6 images to your computer, upload them to a Facebook album and get your tagging on. Your profile picture will contain a small ProfileGen.com credit at the bottom.

» Go to ProfileGen.com.


This site is how it would look like if Facebook offered the hack themselves. Not that that’s ever going to happen :) You can upload your photo, select the number of lines in your bio (options for longer bios seem to be missing) and drag your image around to make it fit in the template. When you’re done, you can download all the picture files individually or as a zip file. Now all there’s left to do is upload the files and tag yourself. No watermarks or automated status updates here.

» Go to fbcrop.com.

Check on your Facebook privacy and Fix it with these Online tools

If you have been following this blog, Facebook Privacy is a topic that regularly comes up, right from some stupid mistakes that people have made up until the latest in privacy settings here on Facebook. Its been a long and gruelling battle between Privacy and openness for Facebook, and with the user base steadily growing its more or less certain that the end is no where to be found. Since Facebook’s Privacy Settings are quite confusing sometimes, people around the web have started building tools that allow you to check these settings and have a control on them. As always trying to caution Facebook users about this sort of important information, today we will look at the various websites you can go to to check and update on the privacy settings.

Most of these tools are able to access this information from FaceBook and analyse the same only when you are on Facebook. So you might need to create a small Bookmark-let on the screen and then access Facebook and click on the bookmarklet to be able to finish the analysis. I usually am against scripts that use the bookmarklets to run as they could be potentially harmful, but for the sake of the precious visitors I have run though all of the above personally to make sure that they are safe before using them. The most interesting tools is the last tool that can not only analyse but also fix the settings.

1. Privacy Check

Privacy Check is a nifty app that evaluates your privacy settings and gives you a score out of 21. The details of the score reveal which objects of your Facebook account are publicly accessible. Check out Privacy Check here : http://www.rabidgremlin.com/fbprivacy/

2. Privacy Defender

PrivacyDefender is a Facebook application that evaluates your Facebook privacy settings. You need to drag its bookmarklet to your bookmarks toolbar. When you access your Facebook account, click this bookmarklet to evaluate your settings and view which information is viewable by whom. Check out PrivacyDefender @ http://apps.facebook.com/privacydefender/

3. ReclaimPrivacy

ReclaimPrivacy is another tool that works similar to PrivacyDefender. You get a bookmarklet which you need to click once you are on your Facebook’s privacy settings page. You privacy settings are evaluated and shown to you. Check out ReclaimPrivacy at http://www.reclaimprivacy.org/

4. Zesty Facebook Privacy Checker

Zesty Facebook Privacy Checker is a useful tool which takes in your Facebook username. It then displays a comprehensive list of all your Facebook content that is set to public. Check to Zesty Facebook Privacy Checker @ http://zesty.ca/facebook/

5. SaveFace

SaveFace is a simple bookmarklet that evaluates your privacy settings. Unlike the tools mentioned above, it can even restore your settings to friends only. Here is how you use SaveFace:

  1. Drag the SaveFace bookmarklet to your bookmarks toolbar.
  2. You need to enter your privacy settings, and click on the SaveFace bookmarklet. Your settings will then be reset to “friends only.” This means that only your Facebook friends will be able to view your Facebook contact information, search settings, friends, tags and connections, personal information and posts. SaveFace’s script will take a little time to run, so you will have to be patient.
  3. Once the process is through, you can use anyone of the abovementioned tools to verify that your data is set to “friends only.”

Check out SaveFace @ http://www3.untangle.com/saveface

Your Facebook DP requires a touch up ? This might help

Most of our Online presence is through Facebook, I agree that a lot of us have blogs, websites, LinkedIn Profiles and profiles on other sites. But Facebook seems to be the one profile that all of us are known by, which is why we put a lot of time in finding the perfect picture that would make a display profile (DP) and also are concerned when a bad picture shows up on Facebook. What I would like to share are tutorials for Photoshop that will help make our picture look more appealing. Just please don’t go too crazy — your friends should be able to still recognize you. Whether you want to remove acne or add a tattoo — these tutorials will teach you how to retouch your photos like a pro.

1. Change Your Hair Color

2. Remove Wrinkles

3. Remove Acne

4. Apply Makeup

5. Enhance Eyes

6. Add Eye Lashes in Photoshop

7. Soften Skin

8. Whiten Teeth

9. Add a Tattoo

10. Lose weight in Photoshop

11.  Turn your Photo into Pop Art

12. Give your Photo a Sketched Pencil Effect

Facebook working on a Mobile phone ?

This is one news that really might come as a surprise to some people and very inquisitive to some more people, FaceBook launching its own mobile phone. Sometime last year when someone told that Google was  working on a phone, Like me a lot of people called it rumors and laughed it off. A few months back I got that very phone. After Google launched the Nexus One, it has made such a big difference to the mobile phone industry, where there seems to be someone catching up on the pace that the iPhone OS was running ahead with.

Telecoms industry is undergoing a really huge change, the likes of which has not been seen before. Who would have thought % years back that 2 software giants Google and Apple would revolutionize the telecoms industry. I guess Facebook is not really happy with just having apps on the Symbian, iPhone and Android platform.

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Facebook Criminals ! A sign of things to come ?

Previously, I did bring up the issue of weather we are taking Facebook and Twitter too far, especially in relation to Facebook Places, where I mentioned that its not the best way to actually use the Social Network and included a video showing how to disable it. For all those of you who thought that I was just kidding and you don’t need to disable this feature, this one should come as a surprise.

Three guys have just been arrested in the United States for robbery, these guys used the Status Updates of users on Facebook to target them to steal from. This isn’t the first warning about what should and shouldn’t be posted on Facebook, but I find it important to remind Facebook users from time to time that leaving information about what you’re doing as “public status updates” can be dangerous on the social network.

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Fun things to do with your Facebook Account

For most people visiting my blog in the last few days , you would have noticed that there is a bit of an issue with the server. The site been dropping connection and the awesome support guys at blue host have promised to have a look at the issue and get it fixed. In fact I have been refraining from putting up too many posts just to ensure that I don’t create problems for them. I am really happy with the guys there as they seem to be providing me with updates on what really is happening with the blog and it seems that there might be a hardware error that I might be dealing with.

Having said that, the site has been given a breadth of fresh air, right from the look and feel to some new functionalities. Like everything else on the internet these days, I have integrated Facebook into the blog to a much larger extent than it was. You can now have a comment on the site and login if you want to the site with your Facebook Id itself. Moreover you will be able to see how many others like you have visited the site through their Facebook Id’s as well, including Friends. I would really request you guys to make use of the feature as it would give some faces to you the awesome visitors who have made it possible for me to be able to continue blogging with your support and comments.

Having registered to Melvin’s Inquisitive mind with your Facebook ID, you can not only comment on the site, but have your comment show up on Facebook as well. If you want you can invite your friends like you would do for any Facebook app etc, to come over and visit the Inquisitive Mind. All in all I am trying to make it easier for a lot of you guys to have to not enter details like name etc, to just post a comment. Logging in with Facebook will take care of that bit. If you thought the deceiving title was just to tell you about the implementation on my blog, well it’s not entirely true. I would also show you how Microsoft have made use of the Social networking Giant’s network to help us create a Resume and Charts to help analyze our friends circle. More to come.


Microsoft’s Document sharing platform made to rival others like Slideshare.net , Scribd.com etc is quite nice for a first glance. Although the documents are pretty much the presentations that you used to receive as forwards etc (nowadays no one sends forwards, everything is shared on FB, lol) meaning they are quite mediocre at least compared to the professional ones on Slideshare.net. The ties between Facebook and Microsoft start getting visible as you browse around this site.


Simple Resume with Facebook and Docs. Com

The resume feature is pretty basic and uses your work, location and educational details to create a basic resume that will need to be filled up with the remainder of the details. I do like the template that Docs.com provides and you might very well start seeing a lot of resumes using that style very soon. Check out the interface for creating the resume here.

Friends Chart with Docs.com

The Friends Chart analysis is pretty interesting and uses information like hometown, location, sex, age to provide some very interesting insights into the demographic of your friends list on Facebook. I am sure that with a bit of tweaking you can add it into your Social Resume, just to show how many people you are ‘Friends’ with. I have to tell you I found out some new things about my ‘friends’ circle that I would not have known otherwise.

Photo Album from your Facebook Album

The Photo Album was a concept that I was really looking forward to as a killer feature. But Docs.com disappoints with this, there is no selection of template for the end result. The object created is a PowerPoint file which is usually pretty large if the album is big. I would have however wished to see the output file as a Facebook Video, or a YouTube Video if anything such that it would be more accessible and would avoid me the trouble of re uploading it to another site.

A Request

All the three listed tools are available on the home page on the right hand side, with Icons which are pretty self explanatory. One word, one PowerPoint and one excel file means that people still would need to go to Docs.com to view them or need the Office Package to view them, which could have been avoided I think. Making downloads on PDF would have been another option. Try out these fun toold and maybe let m e know what you think as well.

Again, Facebook is everywhere and I think the Internet community is beginning to make use of the fact that it is everywhere, in one way or the other. Here is my attempt alongside Microsoft’s. A humble request use the facility on the Inquisitive Mind and comment on the posts now, or let me know if the new blog is good or just sucks. I am looking forward to some feedback.

Are we taking Facebook and Twitter too far ?

Agreed, that there are awesome uses to these social networking sites, and you will get a few thousand examples of it at Facebook Stories. But I am not talking about using Facebook and Twitter in dire conditions, but really using the services in ridiculous and absolutely unnecessary locations. I am sure already a lot of you can point towards that friend who is a Facebook fanatic and is there all the time posting even the most mundane things about his life, that we, rather dont really care about.

I think I have been writing about these things with Facebook for a while, like how Facebook and Twitter are making our lives truthful, Some mistakes that you would regret, Care to be taken while using Facebook as well as 10 golden rules for using Facebook but this time I am going to list out a few incidents where numb brained individuals make use of these services.

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Where do you want to work ? Google or Facebook ?

I have been a big fan of Google for most of the time that I have been using the online services. I think I will be a big fan no matter what, I say no matter what because it is something that the interwebs is really talking about. People are talking about how Google seems to be going against their own motto of “Do no Evil”. I guess I am still keeping faith in what can be called a role model in the online world.

To be honest, its very commendable how Google has managed to provide so many services to internet enthusiasts all over the world for free, only with the help of ads that are again revenue shared with simple bloggers like myself. Unbelivable, commendable and really awesome. Not only is Google good with providing these services to the world but also they are the best possible employer on the planet. Well at least thats what they have been voted to be as well as been visible.

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