Prediction : Future Phones will not come with chargers

The other day I was out of charge on my phone which is a rare thing considering that I got a new Galaxy Nexus (Yes I will post a review) which is not only energy efficient but by far the best battery I have seen on a portable device taking the phone to nearly 2 days of talking and wifi without the need of charging. Back to where I was,  the need for a charger was large and the charger was no where in sight, shopped around in the office and found a blackberry charger that well fit the phone very well. This got me thinking, well why don’t all manufacturers come up with some universal standard for the charger if required. At all other times they can use alternative means built into the phone itself. I have been writing about some of these here on the blog before. Lets see whats available.

First off the Charger itself 

The mini USB is pretty much a standard charger at the moment for a lot of phones, my Blackberry, the Nexus One and now the Galaxy Nexus all seem to love it. But move Blackberry models and phones, you will quickly see that its not enough its just another in the large market for charger pins. In fact when I got this car charger from Merlin in Dubai, looked like there are a lot more than just the mini USB in the market.

Add the ever popular iPhone and the other Galaxy smartphones and the chargers change. I am not sure if the mini USB is the best standard, but considering that most people seem to have one lying around these days, looks like this could be a good standard to follow.

Getting to the Chargers built in with the phone 

First getting through the familier, here is a list of some you can read within the blog:

Indian Innovation : Wind Powered Helmet mounted Cell phone charger

Indian Innovation : Hand Powered Mobile Phones 

Thermoelectric boots charge your mobile phone

Charging phone from the movement of the owners

Charging Phones with residual energy from airwaves

Charging phones with body heat

Some more from other blogs that can fill up the gap with more innovations

Nokia Bicycle charging kit 

Some Eco friendly charging options (must see) 

Juicebox, the charging platform available in public places

Another Charger using movement of phones 

Mobile phones charged by the power of speech

Wind-powered mobile phone charger

Mobile phones in developing nations could charge up using dirt

Sound Charge t-shirt tops up mobile devices using sound

Solar powered tie charges your mobile phone

Piezoelectric generator creates power from shoes

Interestingly a lot of these were invented by Nokia in an attempt to make the lives of all better, but the lack of good software (ahem .. Android) has kind of made it difficult for Nokia to make it big in the market, we might be able to see some of these innovations in the Mobile Phones running Windows Mobile. Keeping fingers crossed to see the Lumia 900 with one of these built in.

From notifications that require attention of the users towards energy saving and other power saving tips to alerts when Phone batteries are fully charged, the chargers require an upgrade if possible to go with apps that are coming up on phones to do the same on the software side. All in all it seems like a really required innovation that the manufacturers are keeping away from the consumers, even though it seems like they have most of these figured out. Well only time will tell if these innovations will get lost or really get implemented into future phones. Are you listening Google, Apple and ofcourse Nokia.

4 new Gadgets for our everyday lives (kitchens)

Most gadgets aim for that cool factor in our lives and try to replace something thats already there. Be it your new phone or your new laptop. But most innovations seem to be circling around the devices that allow us to communicate, connect and entertain. However, the beginning of gadgets in general used to be panned around making things easy with our way of life, like the heater, the fridge, the microwave etc.

Innovations in that field these days seem far apart and few in between. To allow engineers and innovators to re look at our lives and find what can improve the general quality of life Electrolux organizes an annual event where they give innovators to come up with unique gadgets for just that. At the end of the contest 4 gadgets are chosen to be worked upon by Electrolux. These are the finalists from this year.

1. External Refrigerator

2. Dismount Washer (On wall washing machine)

3.Big Robot Refrigerator

4. Eco Cleaner

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The fate of your gadgets when you dispose them

Considering that the Cell Phone, computer, Television, radio etc have been around for over a decade, it’s no surprise that a lot of people in the developed countries actually have gone through more than one of these gadgets. In countries like India, the older electronics either go as hand me downs to your relative or are sold off to someone else looking for them for cheap. However, eventually they end up somewhere in the dump. In more economically advanced countries, the cycle from being a new gadget to the dump is fairly quick. And this is something that is becoming a growing concern for countries.

For the west it seems to be an issue with trying to properly dispose off of these gadgets, for the east the issue seems to be straight off something of managing the garbage of the east. Meaning, the west is transporting all their electronic waste to countries like India and China. The new addition to these seem to be Africa. Africa is fast growing as the dump site of the world, where cars, electronics or any unusable goods seem to be going to. Why is this such a big problem ? You have to see it for yourself. In today’s Post I want to highlight the problems that people in these countries are facing mainly India / China and many in Africa like Ghana.

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iClone – Better than the iPhone

No I am not going to be talking about the Android phones and how awesome they are, although they are. Neither am I going to talk about the N8 which might be Nokia’s sorry attempt at reviving the smartphone (Although its not the fault of the hardware, its the Symbian). I am talking about genuine clones of the iPhone and how they provide in some cases a better phone than what is considered now the holy grail of mobile phones. Cut to, China.

One of my previous colleagues from China used to tell me all the time, you throw anything into Shanghai, and they will throw 2 clones back, one a cheap one and another inexpensive one. The inexpensive one is the one of interest as more often than not, they also come with many additional features.

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