Wordless Thursday – A World without Google

If you are reading this blog for a while, you will definitely know my love for Google. From Search to mail, from image search to docs, Google earth, picassa and all the goodies that Google provides for free  I am a fan of everything. In fact I hope to someday make some decent money from this blog from Google Ads. But all aside, what would the Internet be like without Google ? I cannot imagine it. I am completely dependent on Google for my day to day stuff. Google It, is kinda my online life. But what would really happen if Google was not there, here is an infographic to kinda show the impact of Google on our life, and a life without Google.

Google Spy logo, Google Logo Search

I hope this Info graphic is scary enough for all you Google haters, so much so that you get rid of those Google Ad blockers and go ahead and click on the ads that you find interesting maybe even on this blog.