The Google phone and how it is made

When I heard rumors of the Nexus One, or the then Google Phone I thought it would be so cool. But then Google did not really admit to making one of these. I guess the Nexus One had to come, considering that the Google Android Platform for Mobiles really took off really with the announcement of the Android Phone. I guess the Nexus One gave the manufacturers the confidence that Google was behind the phone and the Operating software, so the Software must be worth implementing. I have said this before, the future operating system for the Mobiles is not the blackberry or the iPhone Os, but the Android. Anyway here was the video that demoed the Nexus One for the first time.

Moving On, I don’t think most of us imagine how big an effort it takes to actually manifest a phone from concept to actual production. I had thought about the manufacturing process as something of using multipurpose machines that would churn out different phones, but having to program and make robots purpose built for each phone types makes the whole process so much more mind Blowing.

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Google TV – Is giving a complex to my present TV

We are constantly surrounded by 3 screens through our daily lives, the Mobile which is now the the fixed screen that we carried around, the laptop or desktop, that we constantly use to get our information from at home and at the office and the third screen which is the Television which we see at home for all the entertainment and news at home. The presence of an entity over one or more screens their significance in our lives improves, when some one makes the leap into the third screen especially someone like Google, it is something that the world should take note of. Google’s presence on the laptop and desktop are unshakable, they are steadily working their way around the mobiles through Android and on May 30 they just announced that they are now going to release their foray into the third screen, the TV with Google TV.

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