Water on Blog Action Day

Today is blog Action Day, and for a lot of people who do not know, its a day blogger like myself get to gather world over to write about a particular topic that requires world wide attention. Last year we wrote about climate change which made a bit of a difference during the Copenhagen Summit. This year I am joining 15,000 other blogger today on October 15, 2010 to write about something that will have an impact on all our lives weather it is now or in the next 20 years time. Water.

The elixir of life and soon to be liquid gold, is something that is definitely something that we need to be looking at seriously not only in terms of an irreplaceable resource but also in the context that, the same about of water exists on the planet for the past billion years and its not going to change. So the more water we actually pollute, the more we loose as water is not created, but transformed from one form to the other and one place to the other. I have also believed that it is definitely better to use presentations better than text where possible, because like we all know a picture is worth a thousand words and a presentation is worth an entire book.

There is three things I want to touch with this post, first of all the importance of water and what is available to us, the second well what would happen to us if we do not preserve it. Have a look at the below two presentations for it.

This third presentation is basically a presentation that is actually a letter from the future, a letter from someone who might live in the future and tell us what we are doing wrong in this lifetime especially when it comes to the precious commodity called water. Finally, another important word about the water we have.

Water is most definitely something that needs to be preserved and saved and unfortunately in a country like India where the water that is safe is still not really pure, it definitely seems like there are a lot of people who are trying to misuse the situation in a way that is detrimental to the economy and in a way that they might make more monetary gains. And this definitely is not something that can be tolerated.

I did write about how India is planning to import water in huge quantities from Alaska for drinking water, and then there are the Bisleri”s the Pepsi’s the Aquafina and million other Bottled Water brands that are well, driving the economy down and causing more harm with the plastic bottles that they use. Here is another short movie/ presentation that might be something that you need to not only take note of but also apply if possible.

Like I mentioned earlier, if I am able to even ensure that a few people who read this make a small change or even if this is shared enough that the message goes through, I am going to consider that this post for the Blog Action Day 2010 is a success, please let me know about what you think is the way to go keeping the above in mind.