3 Innovative ways to kill Mosquitoes in India

and another two from other countries

Its the Monsoon season in India, and whether you like it or not, there are mosquitoes in India. The age old methods of killing them off or making sure that they will not cause any harm are always there, but like I said, they are age old. It is time for the Mosquito to face new technologies as well. I mean if you were a mosquito and were trying to suck on human blood, it is clear that the age old coils and the mats are the weapons that humans have against you. Its time we make the Mosquitoes realise that we have actually improved.

The problem of Mosquitoes is not only in India but in a lot of developing countries in the World, innovation and innovative solutions have been a real issue in this field, even the likes of Bill Gates has got into trying to find a solution for Malaria and eradication of the Mosquitoes in Africa through the Bill and Melinda foundation. But Bangalore based companies seem to be having an edge over the competition when it comes to fighting this prehistoric menace. Here are some solutions that are available.

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