Mobile Number Portability a great Idea !

Hey, not that I have many options to shift mobile phone network providers, UAE, has a sort of semi monopoly in the Mobile Phone providers market. You can choose between Etisalat and Du and thats about it. But in India with 17 providers, the number of  options you have on selecting networks is unbelievable. It makes sense for the operators to have a common platform for the users to pick out of (Obviously they are running out of numbers to give out to customers).

So after a lot of deliberation, discussions and decisions, Mobile Number Portability is now live and for us to use. When I say its live, its gonna be live from 20th January 2010. The major mobile phone operators are advertising this feature really a lot. Some of the ads that impressed are here

So well how do you go about doing the change, here it is, It costs Rs 19 for the change anyway:

So are you interested to make the change ? Let us know