After what seems like an eternity .. the Inquisitive Mind is back

Owing to mostly shifting into a new place to well hopelessly waiting for the internet connection to be fixed, my 60 days of non connectivity to the internet caused a lot more heartache that I would have imagined. In the past few months I have started working on a few freelance projects of my own, mostly to do with social media marketing, corporate identity design and presentation design and execution. You can imagine that freelancing nearly went out for a toss, however I got things done and (fingers crossed) have done them to the content of my clients.

The other big reason why I was out of the internet was well, a trip to Istanbul and a fabulous event called “2 Fast 2 Curious” which was a follow up of the widely successful Fast and the Curious, a sort of a treasure hunt mixed with activities and a touch of ‘The Amazing Race’.

As one would imagine there is a lot of work that goes into pulling off an event like that and also a lot of time to add into the losses. So well, blogging and related activities started to take a slip. However, I am back now, and am really looking forward to get back to try and tingle your senses with newer posts and newer topics along with some inquisitive posts for those days when you are feeling .. well Inquisitive.

Thanks to all of you who have been reading the blog through the silence, and I promise there is a lot in store in the coming year. I have been learning some serious programming, including some beginner work on the Android Platform to make an app for the phone and such, so lets hope they do show some results. Also to look forward to would be some unique wallpapers from the Inquisitive Mind, mostly the better part of my Photography Attempts, photo-blogged at Moments Frozen in time.

Before I finish up this post, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all the best compliments of the season and hope the new year bring you all the good luck and great results for all of your hard work. Now I am already excited for the year ahead, are you ??