Why ‘NFC’ will be the most important alphabets of this year

NFC, or Near Field communication is burning hot this year. Another technology centered around the Mobile Phone like Augmented Reality. Unfortunately Augmented Reality has not yet completely taken off, but NFC on the other hand is driven by money and so will definitely do well in the coming year. It is an old idea that started off with contact less smart cards, and is now adapted into the mobile. Some time back I had shown Apple patent application for the introduction in the next generation iPhone, but while Apple was still working on the paperwork, Google has rolled the technology (although half baked) into the Nexus S, the new flagship phone of Google made by Samsung.

But why is NFC going to be big ? Everyone in technology usually dreams of technology getting unified and ubiquitous where certain aspects of our lives will be completely supported through technology in a completely integrated form. We already use a whole load of technologies like them, the credit card is an excellent example. The problem with the credit cards are how successful the cards have become. Every small agency and company now wants us to carry a card with their loyalty program running with them, like you Gym, airline, favorite restaurant etc etc. But I feel there are one too many on the front of cards.

What is the solution ? smash the cards into one. It would be even better is this card would be easily accessible and programmable to be whatever card you want it to be when you need it to, something like this was demoed by Microsoft in their video for the future of technology.

Its time this technology starts getting into main stream with many different application and service providers. Companies and services are utilizing this new technology as a dedicated app on phones. Did I say phones ?? yes I did, the new Near Field communication chip is now into mobile phones, Google has already launched the chip into the phone.

Phone might be not the best place to keep it, this according to many people all over. Main issue being what if the phone is lost ? Phones get lost at all times, and so do wallets. What do people do when something like that happens ?? They find a way out.

Not only is the Nexus S the mobile with this included, if the rumor mills are to be believed then Blackberry and iPhone are next. All in all its a good start for the year, and tell you what its not the last you are going to hear of it.

Your wallet may soon disappear into your phone

Personally being involved in many discussions, I believe that mos people interested in technology have at some time or the other wondered about the integration of your wallet into your mobile. I am talking about payments to be done through the mobile, or use he mobile as your ID card ? Well if the tech giants of the world have anything to say, it might happen more sooner than you might think. After replacing many of the small gadgets that you might use, and provide additional functionality into the phone like, camera (Check out 18 innovative uses of that phone camera here) , FM Transmitter and receiver, gaming device and many more; the phone giants staring with Apple are now looking to completely replace your wallet into your mobile.

This magic technology is called NFC or near field communication. Although the possibility of doing this has been evident for a long time using RFID tags, its just now. But NFC is coming over in a big way to a mobile near you; all courtesy to Apple. Yes, we know people are suckers for anything Steve Jobs seems to be making and selling including the ridiculous iPad. Getting back to Near Field Communication …

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