Change is Inevitable – Need your views

Its getting close to a year of the existence of this blog on a self sufficient domain at, having its own sub domain, and I have been trying to be consistent with the content coming on to this blog, including the very popular Wordless Thursday and other regular articles. In the past few weeks, the viewer-ship on the blog has significantly increased and I would attribute this to maybe increased awareness and an updated Google Pagerank as well.

Ηράκλειτος (Herakleitos; Heraclitus) of Ephesus way back in the times of the greek, had a very famous quote that people use until this day.

“The only thing constant in the world is change”

And considering this I have decided to add more diversity in content, am also going to be working on a theme to change a bit of the look and theme of the site including some changes in the plugins that I am using etc, to help make the site a bit faster (yes I do realize that its slow at times). More changes will be bought over in some time, however for a start I have started to include Guest posts now, posts that stay within the realm of inquisitive and interesting but could be from different fields and not only confined to technology. The first two guest posts are already here on the blog and you can see them here :

Guest Post – Mutual Fund Myth Buster

Guest Post – How to create a workable budget that gives you money and life?

More importantly, I have been requested by some students and kids (surprisingly who read my blog) to write about careers and what they might entitle, in terms of the work that they are doing, what people would need to do to get into that industry etc. I hope that this section would really help some of these students and kids who are reading this blog. The new section named “Inquisitive Interviews” will feature weekly some interesting everyday people with varied job profiles helping students make informed decisions on their career paths, from people in those industries. I have already requested some of my friends from different fields to actually feature in this section and it will start in a few days. Please let me know of what you think about the sections and the content in them.

A shout out to the regular readers, any suggestions and comments are really welcome to help make this blog interesting and inquisitive enough for all of you. Waiting for your responses …

Welcome 2011

There has been a blitz of posts and then some silence in the year that has past. I have loved, hated and loved blogging and everything attached with it. And with the new year when I reflect upon all that the blog has been through, I have only one thing to add, it has been one of the best years of my life.

Thank you all for your suport and love in 2010, and I hope it continues in 2011. Now apart from the selfish rambling, I very dearly wish that you all have the best year 2011, from the bottom of my heart.

I wish and pray that all of your wishes come true and you receive all the best in the new year.

Welcome 2011

World’s best Presentations – 2010 which was one of my most frequented websites a couple of years back to learn everything from Social Media to well Green Awareness campaigns, hosts every year a competition for the world’s best PowerPoint presentations. And believe you me, these presentations are nothing less than a feat themselves, to be picked out of over 5000 presentations which include presentation guru’s like Seth Godin and Garr Reynolds, is an honor by itself.

For those of you who have not yet looked at this is good time to do so. To cure the world from death by PowerPoint, it is really important to start using some really interesting techniques that are mentioned in various presentations on the site. If you look at them carefully, there are at least three elements common among all the winning entries – the use of large fonts, there’s very little amount of text used in slides and you’ll find no more than one picture in each slide and it often fills up the entire space.

In fact, you can also slowly be able to present as elegantly as Steve Jobs. Well I understand that there are many different faucets to his presentations, however the actual slides can be as good as what he does.

Getting back to the Presentations that are really outstanding, presentations that have been picked as the World’s best from the visitors and the Judges alike, here are the 3 best :

Apart from these if you would still want to check on my world’s best presentations, you can check out my share of presentations on, you can check it out here.

After what seems like an eternity .. the Inquisitive Mind is back

Owing to mostly shifting into a new place to well hopelessly waiting for the internet connection to be fixed, my 60 days of non connectivity to the internet caused a lot more heartache that I would have imagined. In the past few months I have started working on a few freelance projects of my own, mostly to do with social media marketing, corporate identity design and presentation design and execution. You can imagine that freelancing nearly went out for a toss, however I got things done and (fingers crossed) have done them to the content of my clients.

The other big reason why I was out of the internet was well, a trip to Istanbul and a fabulous event called “2 Fast 2 Curious” which was a follow up of the widely successful Fast and the Curious, a sort of a treasure hunt mixed with activities and a touch of ‘The Amazing Race’.

As one would imagine there is a lot of work that goes into pulling off an event like that and also a lot of time to add into the losses. So well, blogging and related activities started to take a slip. However, I am back now, and am really looking forward to get back to try and tingle your senses with newer posts and newer topics along with some inquisitive posts for those days when you are feeling .. well Inquisitive.

Thanks to all of you who have been reading the blog through the silence, and I promise there is a lot in store in the coming year. I have been learning some serious programming, including some beginner work on the Android Platform to make an app for the phone and such, so lets hope they do show some results. Also to look forward to would be some unique wallpapers from the Inquisitive Mind, mostly the better part of my Photography Attempts, photo-blogged at Moments Frozen in time.

Before I finish up this post, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all the best compliments of the season and hope the new year bring you all the good luck and great results for all of your hard work. Now I am already excited for the year ahead, are you ??

Pressure to relax

Being in the mechanical world or the concrete jungle, we often tend to forget the smaller and various joys of life. We tend to be into the race for the first, most successful, most wealthy etc. And for sure I know there are hundreds of people who have written about this. What I am going to write is the pressure associated with the fact that we should relax. Initially when I started writing this blog, I used to always think that it’s a way to just indulge in me for that moment of time. Excited about the fact that I am writing, I actually started to tell close friends and associates about the blog. They have been reading it and telling me to update it, cos they think it’s interesting. Well it would be cos it’s a story, it’s MY story. Well not drifting away from the discussion at hand, well I have not been able to find time or not able to rack the brains enough to find a decent topic to write about. Well of course I have now moved into the new home (will post pics soon) and have had a few interesting dinner encounters but nothing out of the ordinary.

Well for one the fact that I am not writing about the events can be termed as apathy or actually lack of time to jolt down the emotions floating inside the head. It’s a point of view, I would say. Either way, the fact of the matter is that I have not blogged for about a week now, and strangely I am feeling pressurized. I though that I will make a point to blog at least once in a day, this seems vaguely impossible at the moment. Anyways, I will be trying to keep up with myself to update this. I did not think that relaxing would be such a pressure.