Wordless Thursday – Revolution in every generation

My life is constantly changing and evolving, especially in how we lead our day to day. I would love to go behind the scenes to research upcoming technologies but cant. However. it’s always a pleasant surprise when big new things come out.

This infographic highlights big inventions that impact our lifestyles greatly. It does a good job of getting lots of cool info into one piece. I must say however I’d like to see more of the ‘graphic’ section of infographic. There’s definitely some cool statistics and charts that could be thrown in with all these great ideas. A cool fact you may not catch a first glance: 2.8 million e-mails are sent every second!

Facebook the new face of revolution

A few weeks ago a colleague in the office spoke of a mass revolution that was being planned on Facebook, and at that time I jokingly mentioned that the only revolution on Facebook would be all the girls complaining about the stalking guys and the girls might just leave, but funnily the entire story of Egypt and the people’s revolution has actually shut the mouths of many like me.

This however is not the first time that the social media network has been used for the purpose of uniting people in towards a cause, we will all remember the time when the famous “Pink Chaddi” campaign happened in India. If you have been unfortunate to have not heard it, the “Pink Chaddi” campaign was aimed at the anti-valentines day political party from south India, where scores of youngsters posted, couriered, dropped off a pink chaddi in protest of their protest. The group that decided to run the campaign made use of the young population of India who were on Facebook to send a strong message to the hindu extremist party, Sri Ram Sena. At that time I truly believed that Facebook is enabling to provide an awesome platform to collaborate ideas like these, however I remained skeptical of the success in a larger nation wide, political struggle. Once again I have been proven wrong.

Tunisia first and now Egypt, Facebook has been central in connecting the masses and providing upto date information about protest locations, government movements, street videos to provide situation analysis and at the end even regrouping tools. It is unbelievable, that a social networking site can help provide such a unified platform. After the protests began last month, the government began blocking critical news sites and Facebook pages created by protesters.They even went in to phishing to hack profiles to change or close them. Eventually the revolution has happened and is successful, with two countries having success using the platform, there is always going to be more, Sudan is looking to repeat the model along with other Arabic nations.


Terming these revolutions “Facebook Revolutions” are not really fair, the revolution is by the people and for the people, what Facebook is able to achieve is a right platform for the true principles of democracy, by the people, for the people and to the people. You might very soon see t-shirts of Mark replacing the ones from Che, which is the current face of revolution and freedom.

This might be one of the biggest Facebook Revolutions of our times, but definitely not the last. And this beings me to question the authority of such a service, eventually when Facebook grows from 600 Million to maybe 1 Billion engulfing each and every member of the online world in its app wielding, stalking and revolutionizing platform, it is definitely going to give the likes of Mark Zukerberg the power of a Bond Villain, whether he will use it wisely and be a hero is completely up to him.  What do you guys think ?

Power from you to your gadgets

One of the most important thing that plagues the new society is gadgets of all shapes and sizes. Gadgets, that well require juice in their batteries to work. The problem with batteries would be that charging the batteries would still take some power from the grid. Now if it was the matrix, we could plug our bodies that generate 250 Btu/Hr (while sleeping and 400 Btu/Hr when awake), and convert that to energy to get rid of our dependence from the grid power. Unfortunately, we are not in the matrix and currently most of us still are plugged into the grid to power our devices.

The next revolution in electronics and personal computing would definitely come by with devices that are going to be powered out of something as simple as solar cells on our body, like the helmet that two Indian Engineering students came up with, or using the body heat that we generate or just using kinetic energy that we produce by moving, like the Eco Drive watch range form Citizen which is now getting duplicated by mostly all manufacturers.

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