5 Reasons to Stick with Facebook

I can’t begin to tell you the number of complaints I’ve seen from Facebook users who hate the new features in the news feed. While I can certainly relate with some of what I’ve seen said (that ticker in the sidebar annoys me to no end), I’m sort of surprised by the threats to leave and the general amount of complaints.

Change is, after all, inevitable.

And that’s just it. Facebook has changed dozens of times in the past. These most recent changes, once you get used to seeing them on your screen, are just like the others. They become part of the Facebook experience and no longer bother you. Still, there are plenty of reasons you should stick with Facebook despite their seeming desire to compete with every other social networking platform in existence. Here are some to consider.


Privacy Issues Exist Everywhere

One of the hugest complaints I see about Facebook is the changes they’re making to your privacy settings. OK, so a few things may have changed and left you feeling a bit more exposed than you were before, but Facebook did NOT take away your control over the situation. It would be to your benefit to learn a bit about the changes, figure out what you need to do to increase your security (or decrease it), and then share that knowledge with others.

Social Media is Here to Stay

While Facebook is just one of many social media sites, we already know that social media is a pretty permanent fixture in the internet world and it has a huge presence. A few angry people jumping over to the next new media platform will not change Facebook’s popularity. This means you’ll have a harder time networking on other sites than you would if you simply stuck around to learn how the new features really work.

Facebook Does Hear You

Have you seen a new group pop up called “We Hate the New News Feed” or “Click if You Love the New Timeline?” Facebook actually sees these groups when they’re created and, believe it or not, they are watching to see what people are saying about the changes. They may not change everything – or anything – back to the way it was, but they might offer solutions and future upgrades that address your concerns and make things easier for you to use. Of course, they may simply apologize for upsetting you and move on. But, really – could you expect any different from any social media platform?

Your Business Depends on Facebook

Edison Research recently released a study that showed that approximately 41% of the people living in the United States use Facebook. That’s a huge percentage and that’s just the United States. If you have a local business, consider that 41% of those in your local municipality are on Facebook at any given time. If you have an online business, you have the potential to reach a rather large global audience. The reality of the situation is that a large number of your family members, friends, customers, and potential customers are using Facebook regularly. And the odds of them jumping ship are pretty slim.

More Change is on the Horizon

Like I said before, change is inevitable. Facebook announced even more changes in the coming weeks (some of which actually look pretty cool). What makes you think Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tumblr, and all of the other sites you use won’t change as well. Fact. They will. Eventually. And you’ll probably hate those changes just as much in the beginning as you hate these.

It’s a waste of time to jump ship simply because of a little bit of change. It is a part of life. You’ve built a huge network and if you’re in business or have any sort of public reputation you simply don’t have the time to start over. Embrace the changes you’re seeing and learn to use them properly. You may be surprised at how easy they are to adapt to. And (shhhh – don’t tell), you may even end up liking them.

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Disposable email address ?? With 5 examples

Yes, you heard that right. A disposable Email address, is an address that you can use for just some time when you need and where you do not need to give in your real email address cos you suspect that you will start receiving spam emails. Why do you need one, well if you are online as much as I am, or even otherwise, there are times when you are tempted with that Whitepaper, or a cool tool that you can use for free and you need to enter your email address to actually get it. Most of the times, you end up with spam. Even if it means newsletters, even companies like IBM/GE and the guys also send out constant emails about their achievements and monthly newsletters and such.

So whats the best way to get the both of worlds ? Get a disposable email address, its like an imaginary email address which can be used only for that activation link or that confirmation number or that whitepaper you need but not really want to risk giving away your number. These temporary email addresses, spare our real email address from spam messages and unwanted invites. So, here are some great disposable email providers that you can use it from anybody who wants to invade your privacy.

In all these five services, all you need to do is, just randomly pick one username and check your inboxes. It can help you to reduce spam messages from your inbox. I think no need of explaining all these services, because every thing is more or less same. Mainly It doesn’t require sign up and/or registration.



Mint Email

10 Minute Email

My Trash Email

Please try and make use of these services to get your next disposable address so that you can avoid spam emails in your inbox.

Free Indian Tool to create PDF Files

For a long time I kept arguing with my friends in the software industry in India that Indian Software industry is just a services industry and it will become big only when Products start coming out of the companies in  India. Although we have the largest force in the world in the software industry the number of products coming out of India are the least when compared to smaller countries. However, the Indian Software Industry is coming of age and what better way than to have products spilling out which can compete at other international products.

[Image courtesy : http://www.flickr.com/photos/debu_4/1117470001/sizes/l/in/photostream/]


This week I am featuring a FREE Software for creating PDF Files, MADE IN INDIA. Unfortunately when I started using it, the UI felt a little childish than professional. But the functionality is good. Here is an excerpt from the website describing the PDF tool called PDF Cube. I think they should run a spell and grammar check.

Free PDF Cube is a tool to create PDF files from all  printable files and all images. PDF Cube  install as a  virtual printer. It convert word to pdf, convert excel to  PDF, convert ppt to pdf,  convert image to pdf, convert  xml to pdf etc without using Adobe Acrobat Software or  other  third party tool. This works a Printer so you can make PDF from more than 500 formats. Supposedly, Works well with Doc, Docx, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX, Gif, Jpg, Cdr, Indd, Exif, Png, Pub, Html, Xml, and more than 500+ format. Additional support for all Indian and Foreign languages makes it a good tool especially in the Indian Market.

There is a pro version as well that sells for $39.95 (Strange how they have marketed the software in dollars, maybe to allow people to compare pricing, but that could have been achieved otherwise as well) Here are some of the features of the free and pro versions.

  • Create PDF from any printable file.
  • Encrypt PDF.
  • Set PDF File Information.
  • Supports All Languages and Unicode.
  • Merge and split PDF Files. (Pro Version)
  • Encrypt/ Decrypt PDF file in Batch. (Pro Version)
  • Merge and split PDF File.  (Pro Version) {Yes its mentioned twice on the website)
  • Change PDF Page Size. (Pro Version)
  • Convert PDF to Image. (Pro Version)

My advice would be to try it out, to give it a shot, if it fits your purpose then it’s a very good tool to have. However, to the developers I would really suggest to have a cross look at the website (Basics like grammar and spellings) so you can attract more customers.

You can directly download from
http://pdfcube.com/download/pdf-cube-free.zip Or visit http://pdfcube.com for more details and products.

Are we taking Facebook and Twitter too far ?

Agreed, that there are awesome uses to these social networking sites, and you will get a few thousand examples of it at Facebook Stories. But I am not talking about using Facebook and Twitter in dire conditions, but really using the services in ridiculous and absolutely unnecessary locations. I am sure already a lot of you can point towards that friend who is a Facebook fanatic and is there all the time posting even the most mundane things about his life, that we, rather dont really care about.

I think I have been writing about these things with Facebook for a while, like how Facebook and Twitter are making our lives truthful, Some mistakes that you would regret, Care to be taken while using Facebook as well as 10 golden rules for using Facebook but this time I am going to list out a few incidents where numb brained individuals make use of these services.

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Blackberry and beyond – Alternatives

Just on the heals of the announcement of the TRA that the Blackberry services are going to be blocked by TRA and Etisalat and Du are going to follow the instructions given to them to do so. I would like to mention how bad the decision is in terms of trying to keep up with technology and an image in the middle east. Dubai has spent the better half of the last 10 years trying to make itself a global destination for everything from travel to business. So it would seem that a decision to block a key technology element would hamper that image. In fact like I have mentioned before, I think that this is a huge scam considering that the telecom providers were pushing the blackberry at discounted prices just a couple of months back. I find it highly unlikely that the telco companies did not know about the oncoming ban from TRA well in advance. Is it just me or does anyone else smell a conspiracy here ?

But wait, before the sun could rise on another day, solutions have started emerging with blackberry users in the UAE, to achieve close to the same functionality of the Blackberry services. All these software and apps have been trying to break into your Blackberry vying for your attention. But with Blackberry services being available it was difficult. Anyway, before I get into the Apps and where you can find them, I would like to share the response from Du regarding the Blockage from TRA. Check out the response as well as my two cents here below.

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