Traffic Signals capable of switching off your car

Governments all over the world have tried everything to try and get motorists to switch off their engines at traffic signals, lets take it from the start; about 10 years ago, India’s best run Government Organization, “Bharat Electronics Limited” came up with a small addition to the traffic lights in India, adding a small timer to the red light letting motorists know how long the signal would stay red. Powered by Solar this new technology was a sort of a marvel in the Indian city. Starting from one experimental signal (BEL Main Road Junction) to spreading all over the city of Bangalore and then the state, now also being rolled out through out the country. The traffic timer was one of the first attempts known to make motorists responsible and try to persuade them to switch off their engines at traffic signals.

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Indian Innovation for Charging Phones

We Indians are usually not knows for Innovation, but the culture is changing. Or should I say the mindset of people going from I need a good job to I need to start something of my own is coming in. And the basis of this seems to be innovation. People are beginning to think on why there is the need to develop stuff for other companies when you can make it as your own. In a case where this concept is getting more obvious, I would like to showcase some scenarios where Indian Innovators have come up with solutions for the country made by people in the country, which of course is a recipe for success.

In our journey we will start with Mobile Chargers, one of the biggest woes these days when it comes to mobile phones is the fact the batteries do not last. And Batteries not lasting is a even more of an issue in developing countries as there might be no electricity to charge them back on. Well lo and behold, these innovations will help.

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