Wordless Thursday – Shocking cell phone usage statistics

Sometimes people do not really know the difference between cellphone usage and etiquite, and let me tell you one of the most shocking number in the info graphic is the number of people using the phone during sex. [ credit ]

Century and some statistics

This in fact is my 100th post and I wanted to write about it, I have been blogging for a while but not very regularly. However this year I decided to make more of my effort to blog and also thought that I could help people who do not update themselves as they do not have time to just browse for stuff. I know that there are a hundred other things that I can be writing about, but quite frankly technology is closer to my heart. Popular technology, bizarre technology, internet technology as well as just anything related to technology. So I decided to write about it.

It was just a while ago that I was wishing friends ‘Happy new year’ and already it’s the end of the first month in that new year. I am proud to share some statistics for the month on the blog. I know it’s the last day and today’s views will not be counted but going from 100 visitors in a month to over 750 visitors this month, is something of a personal landmark. Which I am very proud of.

Like the movies Avatar makes it big at my blog as well. Followed by Valentine’s Day and Business Cards; interesting precedence of things. So without further adieu I bring you the top posts of this month.

1. Avatar …. the beginning, read on ..

2. This valentines day try the 3D valentine’s Card

3. Awesome new Business Card … Unbelievable

4. Google Search .. you dont know anything

5. Invisible text … made visible for Mobile

Busiest Day : January 28, 2010

Average views per day : 26 Views (not really very great but still a number)

Total views for January : 780

I also received my statistics on the other site where I regularly post presentations. That site is http://www.Slideshare.net. I am going to post some statistics from there as well. As it is something I am also quite happy for, these statistics are however for the last year on slideshare.

In 2009, I uploaded 4 presentations and got:


· 7,248.0 average views per presentation

· 84 favorites


Your most popular presentation was:

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