Google killing Android in Dubai

Personally, I have been writing about how good the Android phones are and what benefits they bring to us consumers, maybe even save the world once. But after so much praise, its the market and Google in general who is quite literally squeezing the Android out of the middle east. Google are you listening ?? I know that the Middle east is a small market for you, and UAE is even small in the picture. But what companies like Google do not recognize is the fact that with an 85% expatriate population, the UAE has a much wider influence than they think it does.

Why am I complaining so much ? I love the Android Operating system, I love the User Interface of the Android, I love it that someone is sticking it to the iPhone and doing it well. What I don’t like is the non availability of the Android Market application which in my opinion is one of the best Application in the Phone. What do you mean non availability you ask ? The U.A.E apparently is considerably insignificant for Google, so they do not include the Android Market, all Android Phones bought in Dubai do not have this application and need to resort to other third part app stores which are well, not really all that good like Slide Me. Now why would Google do something like that ?? No idea.

I understand that the payment gateways for the Android Market is not available in all markets, but like they provide in the stock Android OS, they can provide access to the non paid free applications to the customers. Initially I thought that this was an issue with the Phones, but to be honest this is something that is consistent with any Android phone you buy in Dubai, including the Galaxy S from Samsung. Luckily I got the Nexus One, which provides access into the non paid applications of the Android market, else I cant imagine how frustrated I would have been with an expensive phone without its biggest feature.

Google Android Logo

The worst is not the fact that its not available here, the worst part is that people do not know about this at all !! The customers tho are wowed by the appeal of getting an Android are being sold phones without telling that they do not have access to the Application Market from Google. Personally I think that the lack of information to customers will cost the Android system a lot outside the US.

Adding to this frustration by the clients is the fact that the local Mobile Phone Operators Du and Etisalat do not have a deal running on any of the android phones with regards to Data Packages. The iPhone has one and so does the vastly popular Blackberry. So why is no one thinking about this, even Samsung ?? I am sure Samsung understands the prominence of this market, especially with their experience with LED and LCD TV’s in the middle east.

Google is not really killing the Android in Dubai literally, but like they say Actions speak louder than words ! Google if you are listening, its time to do something about this !!

Wordless Thursday – The Dangers of Riding a Motorcycle

This week’s wordless Thursday is one of my favourite things to do when in India, Ride a Motorcycle. And the dangers doing it.

Facebook working on a Mobile phone ?

This is one news that really might come as a surprise to some people and very inquisitive to some more people, FaceBook launching its own mobile phone. Sometime last year when someone told that Google was  working on a phone, Like me a lot of people called it rumors and laughed it off. A few months back I got that very phone. After Google launched the Nexus One, it has made such a big difference to the mobile phone industry, where there seems to be someone catching up on the pace that the iPhone OS was running ahead with.

Telecoms industry is undergoing a really huge change, the likes of which has not been seen before. Who would have thought % years back that 2 software giants Google and Apple would revolutionize the telecoms industry. I guess Facebook is not really happy with just having apps on the Symbian, iPhone and Android platform.

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India Report Card for Technology 2010 – Part 2

In my previous post I tried to show some of the posts that I had done in relation to India, Innovation and overall progress. I would like to continue down the line on some of the amazing innovations in the sub continent for this year that I have not written about. And the look of the improvements in technology is reaching far more than just the shores of India but also abroad. The so called “sleeping Tiger” from India is awakening, and putting aside the likes of Notion Ink Adam, and PI, there are many more innovations coming out of the sub continent worth mentioning.

In part 1 of the report card I highlighted most of the advancements that I reported in this blog. In part 2 we will look at the other part. The focus here is the government and how they have been instrumental in the introduction of new technology in the Indian Industry. When the government wakes, the country will be much stronger, but alas the government is waking like a guy with hangover not knowing what to do, without direction and focus. But what is heartening to see is that there is a change and the government is responding.

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WATCH out, you might not be able to tell the time

A watch is something that most of us wear, and ever since mobiles have been included into our lifestyles, people use the phone to check on time, this means that the number of watches in the market has been reducing. So well Japanese watch company TokyoFlash, have taken on the role of reviving the humble watch, by converting it into Art. Not only art, the time pieces are so unique that the first time that I saw one of these, I thought really what was the designer thinking ??

The above watch is simply something that will keep the person looking and trying to read the time, however only if you know how to read it, you will be able to. Read on to see how you can check out time on that one ?

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Bangalore’s shiniest new toy, “Namma Metro”

Bangalore is known for its software companies, pubs, dogs, bikes and of course women; but not really for trains, and that my friends is going to change very soon. The Bamgalore Metro also dubbed Namma Metro is nearing completion. And with the announcement and display of the Bangalore Metro Coach, the people of the city are excited as well. Today’s post is a tribute to the newest and shiniest toy of bangalore techies, the Metro.

The route of the metro shown above has already gone changes and is now longer by close to 30 % from its initial design. Making it a really challenging project in a city where the infrastructure is already very bad even in comparison to many Indian cities. So work is going on, but at an agonizingly painful pace. Agonizing for the residents who have to bear the brunt of the traffic on a day to day basis, but there is light at the end of the tunnel.

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The magic of Projection Mapping at the Jai Ho Concert

One of the first Oscars for the Country came to A.R Rahman, and it was more than welcomed by the people of India, more ironically his millions of fans and followers in India did not get a chance to see his masterpiece concert “Jai Ho : The Journey Home World tour” which was on in the US, until there was a problem when a part of the set collapsed damaging the kit. But the question to ask is this, what set was broken and could not be repaired to such an extent that the show was completely put off until the rig is fixed ? Well its the awesome new world of projection mapping.

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MIT’s NETRA system brings the system to the optometrist

For those of you who would not know, NETRA in most Indian Languages means Eyesight, A few months back I had shared a concept of few guys trying to give a new vision to change the world, quite literally when scientists came out with oil filled glasses which were of course a bit revolutionary, However there might be a need still to do a check if the person needs some corrective glasses. And while looking for Innovative Applications for my new Nexus One, I stumbled upon the new breakthrough from MIT Labs, a new device out of MIT Media Lab’s Camera Culture group utilizes one of the most rapidly proliferating technologies in the developing world – mobile phones – to make the diagnostic process of refractive errors of the eye, including nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, and age-related vision loss, both affordable and accessible to underprivileged populations. NETRA (Near-Eye Tool for Refractive Assessment) uses a phone’s LCD display and intelligent software to administer a quick, effective and accurate vision test that patients can perform at home.

There are two standard ways of determining a patient’s corrective eye wear prescription. One involves looking through a large, clunky device fitted with various lenses swung before the eye until the one that produces the clearest image is found. The other shines a laser into the eye, using an array of tiny lenses to measure the patient’s vision characteristics. But in the developing world, access to these diagnostic systems is both extremely limited and prohibitively expensive.

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You think Moon … they think Power Plant

“One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” the famous words of Neil Armstrong, when he stepped on the moon, and looks like Countries around the world are taking this whole Giant Leap bit a little too seriously, America, Russia and Japan all are on a race to try and build a moon base by 2020, and of course since building on the moon by humans might be a bit of a task, they have chosen a whole load of robots to actually do this exercise. Japan the latest to join in the race, has already set the ambitious goal of putting robots on the Moon by 2015, and it’s only natural that they should have a place to hang out while they’re up there. The solar-powered base will be constructed by 660-pound robots on the satellite’s south pole, and it’ll serve as a central station for all manner of robot-conducted Moon experiments.

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Tech from the future helps us go to the past

Augmented Reality, remember those two words as this technology is going to be everywhere in the future. The applications of this technology are really astounding and something that can really overwhelm you with information at times and also amaze you every so often. Today’s application is something that will amaze you for sure. Today’s application comes from the Museum of London who have decided that in order to experience the history of London, you really have to walk around and look at it, quite literally. They have come up with an iPhone App that will for sure make your journey within London, memorable to say the least. The app overlays four hundred years of historic images on today’s city streets.

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Microsoft Innovation now really dying ?

Microsoft is one of the giants of the software industry and there is no dispute there, but like all giant companies there are people who always hate them. Initially I went with the flow, and also was just a hater, because everyone thought it was evil and so did I. However what I did realize a little later, was the fact that they were trying to do what today seems normal in the Online world, gain some sort of extra market share. However, their methods were the ones in question and it seems to be the same. Google is now facing similar music especially for privacy issues and competition from Apple and such. The point is even through the time that everyone hated them, Microsoft managed to provide the world with some of the most used software on the planet from Windows, to the Office Package. I became a follower of the work and the style of operation of Mr. Gates. He showed that some marketing concepts can be applied in most industries. However, the past few years Microsoft has been slipping on the innovation front and are losing ground. In the darkest of the dark their courier project seemed like a beacon of innovation for the ageing Redmond Giant.

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Iron Man 2 a glimpse into the future of gadgets ?

Movies have been trying to glimpse into the future of how our gadgets look like for a long time now, the most famous of them being Minority Report, terminator series and scores of other more. Unfortunately after Avatar, its been a while since someone attempted the same, but then like a hero coming to save the world on time, comes Iron Man 2. Worked on by Perception studios Iron Man 2 showcases some of the technologies that might already be in the making or drawing boards work wide with various manufacturers. Starting with the Multi Touch transparent displays, gestural computing while he is engineering, Google searching (compleately revisioned) and other effects make this movie a must go an see just to take a glimpse into the future of gadgets.

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