Blackberry and beyond – Alternatives

Just on the heals of the announcement of the TRA that the Blackberry services are going to be blocked by TRA and Etisalat and Du are going to follow the instructions given to them to do so. I would like to mention how bad the decision is in terms of trying to keep up with technology and an image in the middle east. Dubai has spent the better half of the last 10 years trying to make itself a global destination for everything from travel to business. So it would seem that a decision to block a key technology element would hamper that image. In fact like I have mentioned before, I think that this is a huge scam considering that the telecom providers were pushing the blackberry at discounted prices just a couple of months back. I find it highly unlikely that the telco companies did not know about the oncoming ban from TRA well in advance. Is it just me or does anyone else smell a conspiracy here ?

But wait, before the sun could rise on another day, solutions have started emerging with blackberry users in the UAE, to achieve close to the same functionality of the Blackberry services. All these software and apps have been trying to break into your Blackberry vying for your attention. But with Blackberry services being available it was difficult. Anyway, before I get into the Apps and where you can find them, I would like to share the response from Du regarding the Blockage from TRA. Check out the response as well as my two cents here below.

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