New Stuff from Google has its own site now

As someone associated with Technology and how fast things change, especially on the web, it gets difficult to update yourself with all of the new changes that are happening. As a guideline you would follow the blogs of big companies like Google, Microsoft, Apple, other famous tech blogs like Gizmodo, Lifehacker, Engadget and the likes. However gathering information from these places is a task in itself. So our very friendly Google has now come up with a site to let you know what the changes on their products are and the products updated !

Google New, is a new Website that updates the followers f google and Web Technology in general the various changes that the sites are going through. Your guide for finding everything new and Google, is something that shows an impressive number of changes to their products that this search giant is churning out.


As a matter of fact, the more you think of, I think its more valuable for companies to have a micro site like this that will provide updates to their customers / visitors especially considering that people these days do not really like news letters on their emails. Honestly, when was the last time you read a newsletter. Just create a micro site or a blog and provide your customers with the updates required. Great Initiative Google, I know I am happy.